Saturday Diners Rita Marie’s Diner New Bedford MA

It’s been a long time since we did the Saturday Diners but as we broadcast live from Rita Marie’s.Diner in New Bedford Ma. 623 Brock Ave

I got there an hour early and spoke to the owner:

The team is a father and son and the Father had a long experience of restaurants & speciality cooking.

I had the eggs and Linguisa:

Rita Marie's breakfast

The Linguisa was not what I expected as it looked just like a thick hotdog but the taste was first rate, but the star was actually the toast. They use a very think bread that comes out spectacular and really complements the meal.

The Diner is in a thickly settled neighborhood just a block or so from the beach on a small peninsula and the location has been empty for quite a while, and while as I’ve said the Father & Son have experience with cooking they do NOT have experience in diners, that’s usually a problem but luckily for them they hired a lady named Michelle who has been working at diners since before her teenage days. She gave us the rundown on Rita Maries and what makes a diner work

That is the type of hire that leads to success.

One final thing, there is a huge ice cream cooler & fountain and they carry 14 flavors so during the summer it’s a great place to get a cone after hitting the beach.

It’s a long drive for a guy like me in Fitchburg but if you are heading to New Bedford to see the attractions it’s certainly worth a stop & try the wings the homemade sauce they use is incredible.

So give them a shot, their facebook page is here