Double Dose DaTechGuy 6-9 on Conservatively Speaking WCRN Noon on Money Matters

Hi All:

One  again you have a double dose of DaTechGuy on DaRadio on your way this Saturday

at 6 AM I’ll be on Conservatively Speaking giving you three hours of talk.

We’ll be talking with Stacy McCain in hour 1 on his coverage of the great feminist transgender wars,

In hour 2 we’ll be talking about Market Basket and the 20,000 jobs no longer there

and we’ll finish off with Iraq and Israel


You can listen live here or call 888-205-2263 


When noon rolls around we are back in the Money Matters Studio for DaTechGuy on DaRadio and an all Magnificent Panel hour

We will be talking Market Basket, Israel & the cease fire & Iran.

You can listen live here or call 888-9-fedora

And of course we are played on FTR Radio and the 405 media

Either way, we’d love to have you.