A Victory for Transparency in Ferguson Missouri via Eric Holder

Sir Humphrey Appleby: How are things at the Campaign for the Freedom of Information, by the way?
Sir Arnold Robinson: Sorry, I can’t talk about that.

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The most transparent administration in history™ is spreading their own definition of transparency on the road to Ferguson Missouri 

The Justice Department closed a series of town hall meetings in Ferguson, Missouri, to the media, saying the presence of reporters would be disruptive, a spokesman for the city said Monday. A five-week series of meetings, the first of which was Monday, was organized to resolve racial tensions that erupted in the wake of the fatal police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown

The Justice Department’s Community Relations Service Friday ordered the meetings, which are to update residents “on changes the council wants the community to consider,” closed to the media and non-residents.

In a racially charged atmosphere during an election year when the administration is desperate to motivate their base, nothing is more likely to confirm to the public that there is absolutely no attempt by any party to manipulate events or decisions than to make sure those pesky people with recording devices and notebooks be kept out of meetings that would normally be open under Missouri sunshine laws.

I’ll give the last word to the Mayor

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said the meetings were intended to let residents “know exactly where we stand on things with full transparency.”

Well I certainly find Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s motives in ordering reporters banned from these meetings transparent in the extreme.

Update: Gateway Pundit has much more:

Ryan Reilly with the Huffington Post reported a Ferguson resident was kicked out by the Obama administration for recording the meeting.

Some live tweeting here

Update 2: Good thing we have the media to complain about this kind of stuff eh?


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