I’m old enough to remember when Black Eyewitnesses to Crime Faced Intimidation

And according to this Washington Post story apparently so is Honey Boo Boo

Seven or eight African American eyewitnesses have provided testimony consistent with Wilson’s account, but none of them have spoken publicly out of fear for their safety, The Washington Post’s sources said.

Via Glenn:  In a sense blacks in Ferguson MO being in fear of the race hustlers makes sense.  It reminds me of Buck O’Neil who said the effort to keep Black Players out of the Major League Baseball was less about racial superiority & more about protecting the jobs of the white players who would be displaced by integration (MLB expansion coincidentally began just after the last team integrated).

This is the same thing, the race grievance industry is a profitable one and quite a few black “leaders” along with various organizations make a good living off of it.  They can’t have eyewitness, particularly black eyewitnesses, providing public testimony that contradicts a meme that has the potential to pay off so handsomely!  Why it’s practically restraint of trade!

Expect this to be used in the last weeks of the campaign in the hopes it will boost black turnout at the polls nationally.

We are 5 grand away from paying the year’s bills.

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