Lunenburg? Lunenburg I’ve heard that name before….

As Ferguson continues to be in the headlines over Michael Brown (and  Zemir Begic continues to be out of them) there was a story last week that got very little attention.

It was only fitting that the heart and soul of the Lunenburg High team, Jeremy Nash, ended his high school football career in style.

Nash, a talented senior quarterback, put the Blue Knights on his back, throwing for 146 yards and two touchdowns and rushing for 131 yards on 18 carries en route to an 18-13 victory over St. Bernard’s on Friday evening in the 17th overall meeting between the Thanksgiving-week rivals.

Ok so two high school teams who have a mere seventeen year history played on Thanksgiving weekend (delayed because of last week’s storm).  This kind of thing goes in small towns all over the nation.  Hmm why on earth would a high school football game between two teams who haven’t even played that long be worth mentioning.


Because last year at this time newspapers were all over the Town of Lunenburg

The football team had been accused of teasing a biracial football player on the team over his race culminating in “Knights don’t need Niggers” spraypainted onto foundation of the family’s home.

Well this story went viral.  SI covered it, Good Morning America covered it, the governor got involved, there were op eds all over concerning the racism is Lunenburg .  The FBI was called in and the football team was made to forfeit the rest of the season along with the Thanksgiving game.

However once investigations took place, it turns out once the FBI started to investigate, the football team was quickly cleared and suddenly the parents became suspects. At the time I recorded this commentary.

One of the things you notice about graffiti is it’s never really neat or ordered, but this graffiti was right along the stone foundation, not a drop was on the siding that would have been much harder to clear

As soon as it became apparent that this was a hoax, the national media that was so interested in talking about Lunenburg decided it wasn’t newsworthy anymore.

You see the primary suspect in this story is no longer the largely white football team in a small town but the mother of the supposed target of the racist graffiti. It is no longer a story about racism, it is about yet another race hoax. If the team had still been the suspect and racism been the theme and the DA a republican the decision to not press charges would be a source of national outrage and coverage but remember the rule we stated yesterday.

I submit & suggest it’s because all of these stories involve Democrats and their national memes and Democrats understand that when it comes to such stories MSM immediately recognizes them as unnewsworthy.

So like the Democrat combatant in the war on women currently doing his legislative work behind bars, the race hoaxer who turned her community upside down with a phony race card and the Democrat’s DA decision not to prosecute are simply not newsworthy.

On the bright side the NE Patriots did the team a good turn a few months later:

The Lunenburg football team was treated to a private tour of the Patriots Hall Of Fame and welcomed with open arms, a change from last fall when the team was demonized and some players called racists.

As fingers were being pointed at the team, their season was canceled.

It turned out they were anything but racists.

After a lengthy investigation, the district attorney said no charges would be filed, even as police called the victim’s mother a ‘strong suspect’ in the case.

And even though the police and Eric Holder’s Justice Department both revealed that the family that caused the town to lose it’s thanksgiving game, placed a scarlet “R” on every player on the football team and on the town in general in national and international eyes, not a single fire was set, not a single business was ransacked, not a single rock was thrown at the police station for not avenging the town’s honor and not a single person injured.

Imagine that.

Two things.  If you are not familiar with the case you will find a good chronology at the Sentinel & Enterprise that did a find job covering the story.

Secondly given how close the election for governor was I wonder if the Attorney General Martha Coakley’s decision not to press charges caused a few voters in the local area who have had no problem voting for democrat reps and state senators to cross the aisle last november?


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