Kalá Christoúgenna!

By A.P. Dillon

Kalá Christoúgenna!  That’s Greek for Merry Christmas, Da Tech Guy Readers. I’m half-Greek and the holidays seem to pull that side of me onto center stage for some reason. Memories of my ya-ya (grandmother) and her delicious homemade Greek holiday bread and  the tantalizing smell of the seasoned rack of lamb slowly roasting that wafts around the downstairs jump into my mind’s eye at least a dozen times during this time of year. I miss the way ya-ya made the holidays feel but it’s those memories; the sights and smells. It’s those things that have embedded meaning in Christmas just as strongly as any religious significance. I hope I’m creating similar memories for my own children.

As a writer, one hopes their articles are read by a large number of people and are passed around and shared. Since this article falls on Christmas day, the odds many will see this decidedly drop.  That’s alright with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy if you are out there reading this, but it would make me just as happy today if you are not. In fact, the point of this article is to make you go grab an eggnog and chill with your loved ones.

I’d like to think, or at very least hope, that folks have better things to do today of all days. I know I do — no offense to my boss here. Christmas is about family, it’s about the Lord it’s about a great number of things to a great number of people. For me, it’s about watching my kids eagerly rip into presents and then spending the rest of the day lazily constructing whatever LEGO contraption (or 10) they’ve received while taking breaks to graze on the multitude of delectable tidbits and snacks I’ve lined up for the occasion.

LEGO’s, tales of Curious George and a variety of Wii games are beckoning.  So is a cup of cocoa or glass of something smooth and sparkling.

Go. Now.

Kalá Christoúgenna!

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AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog LadyLiberty1885.com in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon recently participated in Glenn Beck’sWe Will Not Conform. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at StopCommonCoreNC.org, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.