Mary Cheney & a Pass the Popcorn Moment

Howard: [After Raj whispers into Howard’s ear & both laugh] I know. It’s funny when it’s not happening to us.
Penny: Sheldon, I am very, very sorry.
Sheldon: No. No, I brought this on myself by being such an endearing and important part of your life. [Turning to Howard and Raj] I’m going to need a ride to the mall.
Howard: It’s happening to us.

The Big Bang Theory The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis 2008

I gotta admit that this story got me laughing first thing in the morning:

Mary Cheney wants to know why it isn’t “socially acceptable” for a white person to “put on blackface and act out offensive stereotypes of African-Americans” if drags queens are allowed to imitate female stereotypes?

If a man can dress up as a woman to entertain an audience, then why can’t a white person get on stage in blackface, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney wondered aloud Thursday in a private Facebook post obtained by CNN.

It represents yet another case of social liberals starting to eat each other and must be a shock to those who thought all of this stuff was about “equality” and “freedom” and not about what it really always was Raw Power

Now I’ve never had much use for Drag Queens and cross dressers myself, but if a person wants to do this kind of thing I figure it’s their business, what I’ve objected to, and still do is the idea that society is expected to approve or celebrate this stuff.

It’s the same way with this transgender nonsense, if a person wishes to take hormones and have expensive operations to try to pretend they are something they’re not (Hi Bruce) it may, in my opinion be self-destructive and  idiotic but in the end it’s their business and not mine.

My problem comes thee moment we are changing official documents like birth certificates, or when you try to compel me or mine to go along with this persons delusions by force of law.  Then it becomes my business.

Now this has earned me attacks on twitter and elsewhere and have earned said attackers prayers but because I approach this from the perspective of traditional judeo-christian American culture and morality and objective reality, these attacks like the investigations of Jeb Bush’s high school days, are completely justified by a left that I suspect would, if they could, create a Gitmo just for those who believe such things.

Mary Cheney however makes things complicated, and I mean Vagina Monologues at Mt. Holyoke complicated in two ways:

First while the great wars between what are now called “transgender lesbians” and actual lesbians such as the proprietors of twitter accounts such as actual dykes Cathy Brennan have been a source of content for Stacy McCain and a source of amusement for the rest of us, they have for the most part stayed under the radar. If you ask an average person about the great transgender/lesbian culture wars they will pretty much say Huh?

Mary Cheney changes this, She is a public figure whose own sexuality has been an influence on one of the most powerful and influential conservative republicans in history and has been lionized for her public statements in the past, particularly the attacks on her sister for daring to have a different public opinion that her officially approved media backed opinion.

Her involvement makes this a public debate that the media can’t ignore and it’s going to make a lot of people who don’t want to have a public opinion on this become very uncomfortable.


Secondly and more importantly it sets up a division and a clash between two different groups.

While it’s a fallacy that all cross dressers and drag queens are homosexual the public perception is they are. Thus Ms. Cheney’s attack becomes a public attack on a particular class of gay men, who while happy to lend their support and funding to their attempts to suppress and marginalize believing Christians of all faiths, marriage and American culture, are likely not going to like this kind of thing being directed at them.

Yet as she got the first blow in, and her remarks were in a forum covered by CNN, they are instantly put on the defensive. What do they do?

Stay silent and risk this becoming a pogrom against cross dressers

Apply private pressure in the hopes she walks back or “clarifies” her position before it becomes a public debate.

Or do they fight back publicly against one of the leading figures in the gay marriage fight and risk an all out war that splits the gay left?

Now Mary being in the end the daughter of Dick Cheney might be considered just enough of a republican to be attacked openly without fear but in the end this still has the potential to at the very least make a lot of people who have given grief to a lot of people of my cultural persuasion very miserable and at the worst illustrate what Trotsky and Robespierre both discovered the hard way, totalitarians invariably eat their own.

Me, I’m going to sit back at watch it all happen, it will be more entertaining that tonight’s Superbowl and will last a lot longer.


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