Super Bowl Sunday and Pope Francis

Wondering what the Super Bowl and Pope Francis have to do with each other?  Nothing, but I had to get your attention somehow, because today is the Holy Grail of party days.

While I hope you will enjoy today’s game, maybe by tomorrow you’ll come down to earth (depending on who wins the game, of course), and want to ponder the latest utterance of Pope Francis.

Even though I’m Catholic, I rarely visit most Catholic blogs anymore.  They all seem to be either of the “happy-clappy” – everything is fine in the Church” persuasion, or “the Church is falling into the depths of hell and Pope Francis is a Marxist/Communist/Fascist” camps.

Neither view is correct.

While the Pope has defended orthodox Catholic teaching since the beginning, he does have an unhappy inclination to say things that make people sit back and think, “Whoa”, including non-Catholics.

There are those who wish to undermine the teachings of the Church.  These people have been around since the beginning of the Church.  No surprises from them.

I might add that these same people rarely even know the teachings of the Church, and that includes those who consider themselves “real” Catholics.

Then we have the non-Catholics who latch onto any unfortunate utterance from the Pope, so they can declare the Church to be finally entering the 21st century.  Needless to say, they don’t understand Church teaching, either.

Let me take just a moment to sum up what the Pope is not going to change: If you plan on holding your breath for the Church to condone same-sex “marriage”, say okay to contraceptives, allow divorce with no ramifications, and welcome all to the Holy Eucharist, well, you may also want to plan your funeral because you will surely pass away from lack of oxygen.

I have a much better idea.  How about spending some time in prayer for the Holy Father if you’re Catholic, and if you’re not Catholic, spend time in prayer for your favorite Super Bowl team?  It will be a lot more productive than carping and quoting the Pope out of context, and with no understanding of doctrines of the Church.

And stay away from “Catholic” blogs if you wish to protect your faith.