The End Result of Liberalism Fitchburg Edition

Today Fitchburg was in the news because of a fire on river street that took out a bunch of businesses.

There’s no word yet on what caused a four-alarm fire that gutted a strip mall in Fitchburg overnight.
Flames broke out in the complex on River Street around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday and quickly spread to the roof. Part of the building collapsed.

However there is a story from last month that is much more significant to my city:

The dream of making it in Fitchburg is over for Sky He, the owner of the Cheng Du Asian Bistro. Last week he shut down his Main Street Chinese restaurant after being open for only 84 days.

“I lost money every day,” said Sky, who opened the restaurant on Nov. 21

Mr. He opened his restaurant on Main Street in Fitchburg. Now there was a time in my youth when there were multiple restaurants, department stores and even a supermarket on main street.

However the culture changed, the state changed and cities became more concerned with “sensitivity” than contesting the drug gangs with predictable results:

The restaurant made the news last month after Sky pursued an armed robber who fled with about $300 on Jan. 19. The robber jumped off an embankment toward the Nashua River and broke his ankle in the fall. The fire department ended up rescuing the robber. Sky said he was able to get back $148 the robber had allegedly hidden under a rock while waiting to be rescued.

Sky said he’s seen other crime problems as well, such as customers caught by his security camera stealing the tip jar at the front desk, and street violence in the surrounding neighborhood.

He said he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next, but he will not open another restaurant in Fitchburg and sees the area as a difficult place to run a business.

If you’re city or state turns to liberalism, this will be your future.

You have been warned.