Eric Holder, Al Sharpton et/al win Black Community Loses

I would like to take this moment to congratulate the race hustlers of the White House and elsewhere.

Your entire gravy train is completely dependent on a clash of the races, a sense of entitlement and grievance, mutual suspicion and distrust and encouraging a cultural division to the point where black citizens will believe the law will not protect them, police will not be inclined to risk their lives to police black neighborhoods and white citizens simply not care.

If you wanted this to be the goal the latest shooting of police after the President pushed Ferguson at the Selma event and the White House did all it could to distract from the fact that the were unable to charge officer Wilson & that “Hands up Don’t shoot” was unsubstantiated.

Granted that if you’re a criminal who preys on the black community you’ll do pretty good but if you are a race hustler who will now be able to use the resulting division to stay on the gravy train for decades.

I suspect that those who have been looking in vain for that elusive tea party murderer

There is no sin that God won’t forgive but I suspect a lot of the people in both communities who will suffer because of this are going to take a lot more convincing.