A Little Evening Slade

Too many things to annoy in the world, I think my readers need some evening slade:

First one of the finest songs you likely have never heard

This one was an early hit in England:

Most readers will recognize this next one as a hit for Quiet Riot but they likely didn’t know Slade recorded in over a decade before:

This Christmas song has made the charts almost every year since it was released:

and I swear in this next video their lead singer, Noddy Holder looks exactly like Stacy McCain

Run Run Away was their biggest hit in the US.

The band is still touring 50 years later but with a new lead singer & violinist as Noddy Holder & Jim Lea left back in the 90’s Here is a clip from last year

Not many bands last 50 years. They are an icon in England, their huge collection of excellent music deserve more attention here in the states.