Ben Carson in New Hampshire 5-10-15 Last Stop Hollis NH

After the Manchester Community College event I wrote about yesterday Dr. Carson attended a house party hosted by Granite Grok’s Mike Rogers

After a short speech at this informal setting

Dr Carson answered a variety of questions on topics on various topics



Foreign Debt:

Interest Rates:

Common Core:




He also answered two questions from me one on the Media’s Sudden Volte Face after the Prayer breakfast

And one at the end concerning getting up to speed on issues

Two things to note here. Dr. Carson started answering questions in daylight & finished after dark.

In this small informal setting Dr. Ben Carson answered more spontaneous questions on issues from the public than Hillary Clinton has in her entire campaign.

Think about it.

While it’s perfectly proper journalism to question any and all these positions (as friend Jazz Shaw does here) I think a bigger story is and continues to remain the contrast between Dr. Carson and indeed the whole GOP field compared to hiding Hillary Clinton.

If I was a an editor for a MSM network that is the story I would be advancing constantly.

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