“Caitlyn” Jenner Hot Air & Ardra

PICARD: You Recognise the old bag of tricks? What about this one? [snaps fingers Ardra vanishes] Come back, Ardra, if you can. No? Fine, allow me [snaps fingers Ardra returns]
ARDRA: Of all the impudence.
PICARD: Impudence? [suddenly replaced by an image of a Klingon deity & speaking in its voice] Impudence is pretending to be Fek’lhr of Klingon.

Star Trek TNG  Devil’s Due  1991


Yesterday I briefly alluded to one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek TNG Devil’s Due where a planet goes into panic over a deal made with the a being called Ardra that is coming due:

The entire plot consists of Picard, convinced the people are being playing trying to prove that her claims are just a fraud to get what she wants.

Longtime readers might recall I brought this episode two years ago during a commentary on what was revealed as a Racism hoax involving the Lunenburg High School football team and it hit me that this whole Bruce Jenner thing is the same old song and dance:

This has been done over and over again and it’s all about generating the requite fear, One of the things I’ve said many times is the first virtue, the virtue that has to come before all other virtues is courage, because if you don’t have courage you don’t have anything else. None of the other virtues will work.

And it’s fear, in my opinion that causes even a writer for a site like Hotair to paint this as a virtue for conservatives:

With the momentum from this announcement and affiliation, Catilyn inadvertently gave the Republican Party something it desperately needs more of – “street cred,” simply put, an understanding sense of humanity. 

If the party overall was to warm up to these “differences” and use them as a broader tool to crush problems (not people) that really matter – like insurmountable national and student debt, ever-increasing national security threats and domestic encroachments on Constitutional liberties – Democrats would stand no chance. 

Yeah because nothing says to Christians who like me who left the Democrat party when they felt that there was no place for believers to go out and vote GOP then to encourage us to say this is just fabulous, as if the culture didn’t go to “accept gay marriage” to “accept gay marriage or ELSE”.

This is and remains part of the war on culture and it’s all about fear.  Fear is the tactic the left used to keep GOP candidates from critiquing candidate Barack Obama, fear is the tactic that was used to critique those who would day suggest Michael Brown was not a “gentle giant”, fear was the tactic used against those who passed religious freedom laws, stood up for the reality of marriage and noted that the cities falling apart have been governed by Democrats for decades.

The message this time is:  “if we don’t accept this we won’t win elections.”  It’s the same fear that is mentioned in the Psalm I quoted a few days ago or as Leslie Howard put it in the old Movie Pimpernel Smith:  “Ah The Story of the Grapes.”

In fairness to Hotair Amanda Muñoz opinion is not shared by Ed Morrissey.

We’re celebrating the end of natural and objective truth, and turning dysfunction into virtue on the basis of celebrity.

or Jazz Shaw:

You can dress how you like and change your name. I’ll back you up. And if you were born a man, you can call yourself a woman if you like. But your right of free speech does not protect you from possibly being offended by the free speech of others, including yours truly. Your decision doesn’t mean that I have to modify my speech and start swapping out pronouns from the language buffet line any more than I have to accept that you’re drinking a “martini” if you put a cocktail onion in your glass instead of an olive.

It brings me to mind Captain Picard’s closing speech during Devil’s Due after Ardra’s con game is revealed.

Picard:  She learned of the myth of Ardra, studied it and expertly played on your fears that your people were ready to virtually surrender to her.

And that’s what the left is hoping we’ll do court: the left has taken advantage of the cultural ignorance of today and so expertly played on people fears of being called “intolerant” or rejected that they  are ready to virtually ready to surrender to them:

Her passenger prompts that Jenner is normal, to which Jenner responds, smiling, “Put it this way: I’m the new normal.”

And Woe betide those who say no:

“I’m the new normal” is exactly but exactly the soundbite the media wants for its “trans is mainstream” narrative push, which technically began a year ago but never enjoyed a spokesperson as prominent as this.

If we are foolish enough to follow Ms.Amanda Muñoz advice not only will we lose as a party (and a culture), but we’ll deserve to.

Closing thought:  This is why a paper printed book has it over Wikipedia or any online encyclopedia anyday:

Watch the Wikipedia page for the 400 meter sprint over the coming days. The page was recently edited to add the following line about the world record time for women:

The current women’s world record is held by Marita Koch, with a time of 47.60 seconds. However Caitlyn Jenner is the fastest woman’s performer of all time, running a time of 47.51 in 1976 while competing under the name Bruce Jenner.

FYI a hat tip to Chrissie’s Transcript site for the text from not only this TNG episode but for saving me the time it would have taken to dig out various quotes over the years.