Stacy McCain Nails it

I can't do better than this: Well, I doubt I’ll be alive in 2040, but I shudder to think what kind of America my children and grandchildren will be living in, 25 years from now, if things keep going in the direction they’re going now, at an ever-accelerating speed. Conservatives must either pick a fight … Continue reading Stacy McCain Nails it

Voices from the Catholic Radio Symposium Cheri Lamonte Host of Mary’s Touch

My first full interview was of author & Radio Host Cheri Lamonte Host of Mary's touch You can pick up her book The Healing touch of Mary here.

Jindal’s Hat is in the Ring

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT – Governor Bobby Jindal threw his hat into the presidential ring last week and, to be sure, it was almost an anti-climactic move.  Here in Louisiana especially, we have seen this move coming for years.  Certainly his announcement met with an underwhelming response around the state. In NOLA: Gov. Bobby Jindal … Continue reading Jindal’s Hat is in the Ring

Has anyone considered that this is by design

Yesterday Instapundit linked to a piece at Newsbusters suggesting the Univision's attacks on Donald Trump failed miserably: Aside from the fact Trump was accurate, if uncomfortably so? As detailed here in this space just last week, not to mention in Ann Coulter’s new book Adios, America  Now? Now Univision - which - hello? - has a … Continue reading Has anyone considered that this is by design