Gop Debate #1 Running updates

quick thoughts on the GOP debate(s)


Update:  Apparently the whole world agrees that Carly is the big winner:

She also beat Chris Matthews to a pulp

I think the MSNBC audience that heard that is now praying that she doesn’t end up the nominee or anywhere near the GOP ticket.

My advice to each candidate

Pataki:  Talk about 9/11 and Welfare numbers and stick with it.

Jim Gilmore:  You’ve got some solid answers you’ve got to project differently somehow

Rick Perry:  Texas Texas Texas, every answer to every question should be about your record on Texas even foreign policy.  It’s a great record grab it and run with it.

Rick Santorum:  Less record more 25 second summaries of positions

Lindsey Graham:  No more Tip O’Neill stuff Keep making your case for the war.  Remind the people that we’d rather have the enemy fighting the greatest army in the world then our local police

Bobby Jindal:  Keep pushing conservatism as you were, keep pushing religious freedom.

Carly Fiorina:  You know what you did this afternoon?  Keep doing it.  Don’t get distracted.

OK my verdict

1st Place: Carly Fiorina and it wasn’t close at all.
2nd Place: Bobby Jindal Some strong answers and memorable lines
3rd Place: Lindsey Graham A single issue candidate but pushed it really well
4th Place Rick Santorum Good performance but he should have used the line he did with me on Monday
5th Place: Rick Perry body language was horrible until he talked about Texas. Best Record of the group but just not presenting well
6th Place: Jim Gilmore Sounded like a 20th century man on a 21st century stage
7th Place: George Pataki I guess we’ll find out if all the MSM people are correct about the GOP needing to embrace Choice

Gilmore looks & sounds like a man outside of his time

Fair close by Pataki but not enough

Graham closes with both the war and working together.

Fiorina absolutely demolishes Clinton in her speech

Jindal’s Closing speech the best so far really nails Bush

Santorum close was not bad but not memorable

When Rick Perry talks about Texas he simply lights up, if he want to win he has to frame everything in terms of Texas.

The Clinton question Jindal, Santorum & Fiorina answer best.

Graham sticking with the war topic, it’s his strongest point

Pataki: Hard hiring freeze good answer

Jindal, Perry Santorum all knock the executive order question out of the park

Graham’s Planned Parenthood answer is excellent

Jindal: “Planned Parenthood had better hope Hillary Clinton wins this election.”

Pataki gives the Cuomo answer on abortion and invokes his faith, and I just ate.

4th break and the person helping themselves the most on this stage is Fiorina and I don’t think it’s close

Is there a rule that says all social issue questions go to Santorum?

Perry & Fiorina both answer question on Iran, both are correct but Fiorina does much better

Jindal declines to condemn Kasich by name but condemns his medicare expansion.

Graham is repeating the Clinton speak business “Clinton would be third term of a failed presidency”

Hey there are finally two people in the seats!

Fiorina leading after two commercials

Perry talks about the failure to secure border & lack of trust but somehow his body language seems wrong, does anyone else see it?

Santorum: On having to wait to get in “America was worth the wait”

Gilmore: “We’re got to prepare the American people for a long war.”

Fiorina: “China & Russia are using technology to attack us.”

Pataki compares radical Islamic mosques to fire in a theatre

Lindsey Graham we fight them there or here. Says if people are not willing to put boot on ground their not serious about fighting ISIL, he’s getting hit on twitter for saying ISIL instead of ISIS

“I didn’t get a phone call from Bill Clinton,”

First memorable statement from Fiorina

Opening statements: zzzzzzzzzz