If Vester Flanagan had publicly accused Alison Parker & Adam Ward of Racism…

…then on every network you would be seeing activists decrying Parker and Ward as the lowest of the low. Stating they were emblematic of the Racism in media and demanding they be dismissed. On twitter you would be seeing people calling them bigots at best and likely a whole lot worse and both of them would have become so radioactive as to be practically unemployable and Flanagan would not only have been hailed as a heroic whistleblower, a symbol of black oppression he would have been invited to speak at events all over the nation, and any person who doubted his story or defended either Ward or Parker they would have immediately been denounced as racists both online and in media.

That would have been the end result if Vester Flanagan has shot off his mouth rather than his gun.

Keep that in mind the next time someone is so quick to cry racism and be ready to destroy someone.

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I suspect that if Flanagan had made those charges Deray would have been right behind him.

Update: Stacy McCain

If someone says they are a victim of racism, sexism or homophobia, and then they use claims of victimhood to justify violence, how seriously should we take their political arguments? It’s a hall of mirrors. If we say Vester Flanagan was just a disgruntled kook, what does that make Al Sharpton? Isn’t he just a more successful disgruntled kook?


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