Vester Flanagan’s parting gift to every black journalist in America

It’s 24 hours since Vester Williams decided to take his racial grievances to a lethal ending murdering two people he believed wronged him, shooting a third because she was there filming it, facebook and tweeting it and then finally shooting himself.

Many of our friends on the left from Hillary Clinton to much less well known people didn’t let this crisis or the bodies go to waste, instantly using it as a meme to push their agendas. While that was both unexpected and despicable it was a totally expected result as was the sudden pivot of certain people once it was discovered that the shooter was a black man.

Additionally because of his perceived racial grievance that was his motive I suspect many people, who have for the last several years have been radicalized by a concerted effort by certain people to push racial division in this country for both their own monetary & political profit, will find themselves justifying and or excusing acts that would be normally be unquestionably condemned either on social media or in private.

While all of that is disgusting there is going to be one other result of this murder that while it will get little or no discussion is going to have a lasting effect in business in general and in newsrooms in particularly all over the country.

From this point on if you are a in a newsroom and someone cries “racial discrimination” the name of Vester Flanagan will come to mind and that news director, that manager and the others in that workplace will ask themselves: “Is there any chance that this person will crack and try to kill me?”.

Even worse thanks to the very public nature of this crime this thought is going to extend far beyond newsrooms. Just as the riots in Ferguson will be on the mind of every chain considering opening in an urban neighborhood every hiring manager who saw this story will have this in mind when a person is involved.

Now logically this is not a common thing, this is not a likely thing and such a reaction is not rational, but it is very human.

I’d hate to be a person of color seeking a job in that atmosphere.

While in his mind Vester Williams was striking a blow to right a racial wrong, and justified his actions and murder accordingly (likely considering the person being interviewed as collateral damage). This is a horrible evil thing, but the long term damage he will be doing, particularly to other professional young black men and women is incalculable.

This is the gift that Vester Williams has given to every black employee in every newsroom in the country and beyond. It’s not fair, but neither is life.


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