Clinton Emails Mention New America Foundation

By A.P. Dillon

In the August dump of Hillary Clinton’s emails, a number of interesting items came to light as media outlets began sifting through them.

There was a lot more in there than expected, from obsessing over Sarah Palin to ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracies’ and recruiting State Department employees to steer funds towards a Clinton Foundation partner.

There was also quite a bit of information showing the influencing of policy decisions through a network of ‘yes men‘ and quite a lot of traffic involving Sidney Blumenthal.

Included in that mix was mention in of the New America Foundation.

I’ve written about New America Foundation and Hillary Clinton before, right here at Da Tech Guy. That original article was in relation to Clinton’s comments on Common Core and her ties to New America Foundation, who in 2014, put out a policy briefing Insisting that Colleges Align with the Common Core”. 

Daily Beast:

Blumenthal, long a loyal footman, sent Clinton a missive on Feb. 13, 2010, asking about Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation. Blumenthal dives right in and informs Clinton of many important facts about Clemons—including an all-important bit about his sexuality.

“Clemons runs the foreign policy program at New America Foundation, a character around town, very busy, gossipy, gay, friend of Laurie Rubiner (from her NAF days), former moderate Republican, funded in part by Bernard Schwartz, foreign policy realist, and who began his career as a walker of Hollywood wives,” Blumenthal writes.

The policy influencing isn’t all ‘yes men‘. There’s a ‘yes woman’ too.

A search of the Clinton email dump using “New America Foundation” yielded four emails, one of which is reference by the previously mentioned excerpt from the Daily Beast that included Steve Clemons. The names Peter Beinart and Anne-Marie Slaughter also appeared in relation to New America Foundation.

New America Foundation  claims to be a ‘non-partisan’ non-profit concerned with various government policy issues. The New America Foundation is headed up by Anne-Marie Slaughter, who is also former Clinton State Department staffer.

In May, 2014, Clinton was the keynote speaker for New America Foundation’s 2014 Conference “Big Ideas for a New America”. Video of her remarks can be seen at C-SPAN. Clinton spends the opening moments thanking her “friend and former colleague”, Anne-Marie Slaughter:

And I want to thank my friend and former colleague Anne-Marie Slaughter. I am deeply grateful for all of her contributions, her intellectual firepower… called the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, which provided a blueprint for 21st century statecraft. She’s now bringing that same imaginative, disciplined leadership to the New America Foundation, and a focus on big ideas on the intersection of policy…

Beinart and Clemons are both in the journalist world.  Both are also editors in some fashion at The Atlantic and their articles appeared in the Clinton email dump.

Now, both Beinart and Clemons are affiliated with a very well-funded “non-profit” dedicated to steering national policies that is run by a former Clinton State Department employee and endorsed by her former boss, Hillary Clinton herself.  Cozy.

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