The Hillary Equation

Capt Edmund Blackadder: I remember Mattingburg’s most famous case, the case of the bloody knife. A man was found next to a murdured body, he had the knife in his hand, thirteen witnesses that seen him stab the victim, when the police arrived he said, “I’m glad I killed the bastard.” Mattingburg not only got him off, but he got him knighted in the New Year’s Honors list, and the relatives of the victim had to pay to have the blood washed out of his jacket.

Blackadder Goes forth 1989

For the last several weeks we have seen Hillary’s poll numbers sink and Bernie Sanders poll numbers rise, additionally we’ve seen plenty of talk in the media pushing these stories along with the Email stuff.

To the low info voter and some media defenders the media’s Volte face Hillary would prove that the cries of media bias are simply smoke.

But there are three things that people are forgetting.

1. It was not long ago that the media coverage of Hillary was almost uniformly positive, to the point where MSM panels could segue from Egypt burning to Hillary’s campaign without noting that the latter tenure as sec of state contributed to the former. For a full year the meme of the inevitably of Clinton both as the Democrat nominee and as the winner was the conventional wisdom of every media professional

2. There are plenty of people who don’t like the Clinton’s in the democrat party but are both worried about their capacity for revenge they dared not act unless she was failing but unlike a Rush, a Ted Cruz or a Jeb Bush, they have an edge

unlike any GOP candidate these people have relationships with members of the MSM who will be happy to do a favor for a friend and get something like this before the general public and then use it as proof of their lack of bias vs the GOP.

If the description in the article is true then there are plenty of other people who have a clear incentive to make sure that the Clintons and their loyalists with long memories do not get a chance to use those memories to “bridgegate” them.

Of course if Hillary was inevitable, it didn’t matter if even her allies couldn’t name a Hillary accomplishment, they would just have to stand behind her and risk any possible wrath. On the other hand….

3. …one the Bernie Sanders surge began things were different. As long as Clinton was polling above 60% and Bernie was not cracking 20% there was nothing to fear but once Hillary started polling regularly in the 50 and dropping while Bernie heading into the High 20’s nationally while taking the lead in New Hampshire suddenly the glow in Hillary’s invincibility disappeared, particularly Sanders popularity with the youth who are not stupid or ignorant enough to buy the lies concerning email that even the least tech savvy youth understand. As I’ve said before:

The media are liberals first and Hillary fans 2nd. They understand that the rise of streaming technology means their power and influence are on the wane as the low info voter’s choices increase. They dropped her for Obama like a rock once it became clear she was losing in 2008 and are terrified of a GOP victory in 2016 that combined with control of the congress could mean a fundamental shift of power.

That’s the Hillary equation. If Democrats who might want a different team giving out patronage, convince the media that Hillary’s nomination makes liberal’s success questionable and will lead to possible failure in 2016, the press will report on Clinton as if she was a Republican.

The irony of course is if Hillary manages to win the nomination anyways, they will do a 180 so fast it will make your head spin.


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