My Three Questions for Donald Trump

One of the jobs of a person practicing journalism is to ask questions.  As a person who both is covering the GOP primary & voting in it there are three basic questions that I wish to ask.

1.  You have talked about your ability to make deals as a qualification to be president, since a president has to delegate such things how will you choose the people who will actually do the negotiations for you and how will you make sure career bureaucrats will follow though?

2.  You have mentioned the effect of money in politics & that when you gave you expected favors.  If you are elected president how will you counter those who give that kind of money to the members of congress who will be voting on the laws you wish to pass or repeal?

3.  There are several strong conservatives you have records fighting for Conservative causes, both political, fiscal & social and wear the scars from doing so such as Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker and Rand Paul.  What is the incentive for a conservative supporter of one of these candidates to vote for you and how will you prove that once you’ve “made the deal” to be president your conservative argument will still remain and you won’t, for example, appoint Supreme Court Justices who support Roe v Wade?

If Mr. Trump wants my vote in the primary I’ll need the answers to these questions.


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