GOP Fitchburg Committee 603 Alliance, Carly and Andrew Couture

Thursday at the meeting of the Fitchburg Republican Committee a group of special guests worth your notice, the first was a trio from the 603 Alliance:

The have a plan to counter one of the regular problems of an election year, how to unite conservatives behind a single candidate so we aren’t stuck with a moderate loser:

The flyer for the caucus is here


Thier web site is here.

After their presentation a member of the Massachusetts team for Carly Fiorina spoke

Carly is wise to start playing in Massachusetts. With the number of candidates compared to the number of candidates giving some attention to a state normally passed on helps. A few candidates including Cruz, Paul and Trump already have given the state some attention but it’s still a wise move on her part.

But national issues were not all that was going down, and I had a chance to speak to Fitchburg Mayoral candidate Andrew Couture one of four men running for the office:

His website is here. Given how Fitchburg has changed in the last 30 years why any person would want the job of running it is beyond me.