Tebow vs Sam AGAIN

At the Drudge Report there is a link to a Hollywood Reporter story where Michael Sam is pointing fingers over his failure to make the NFL

Michael Sam could very well still be playing in the NFL had he not come out as gay, the former St. Louis Ram told sportscaster Dan Patrick on Friday.

Sam, who played defensive end at the University of Missouri before being drafted into the NFL, told Patrick becoming a media spectacle was never a part of his plan, and may have hurt his first shot at professional football.

For those of you who spent last year under a rock, when Sam came out the media lionized him and while his performance in the NFL combine was not anything special the media and the NFL put heavy pressure on teams to draft him.

In the end the Rams used their last draft pick to take him saving the league from their claws, but in the end the Rams decided that like 98% of all college players who try, he just wasn’t good enough for the NFL.

Sam however got a 2nd chance as the The Dallas Cowboys picked him up for their practice squad but in they also decided to release him.

His next stop was the Montreal Alouettes but as I wrote in August that didn’t end well either:

Sam signed on to roll with the Montreal Alouettes​. However, he left the team in June for personal reasons.

The story didn’t get much better two months later. Sam announced that he’s quit the Alouettes to focus on his mental health

Think about that for a second, the player that the American media was ready to pillory the NFL for if he wasn’t drafted, has found the pressure of being in the CFL too much.

However his failure in the CFL apparently isn’t his fault, it’s all because of the bigotry against people who are gay.

Contrast this to Tim Tebow.

It looked like Tebow’s NFL comeback was finally secure when the Eagles traded the person he was competing with for the 3rd QB spot on the team, an important spot since their starter had been injured before.

But the eagles surprised everyone by cutting him and signing Stephen Morris.  Tebow reacted thus:

This week Morris was cut & replaced by another who wasn’t Tebow:

Should disaster strike and Philadelphia actually need to rely on Lewis, head coach Chip Kelly at least knows Lewis is somewhat proven in the NFL. He made six starts over the past four seasons, throwing for 1,296 yards, five touchdowns and four interceptions.

So Lewis is proven as opposed to Tim Tebow who the last time he had a chance to start not only led an also ran team to an improbable playoff appearance but managed to beat the Pittsburgh in the wild card game before losing to the now time champion New England Patriots.

But it’s not just the eagles, there have been several big QB injuries this year already and despite Tebow’s proven record as a leader & winner no team has decided to add him to their Roster as a backup.

So how has Heisman Trophy Winner the two time college national champion former college quarterback and player of the year and the man who was a miracle worker in Denver reacted?  Like this:

“Obviously, you come to terms because I believe there’s a plan for everything,” Tebow said Friday in Gainesville. ”You can’t believe that God has a plan for you in your life and it’s a perfect plan and have doubt at the same time. They just don’t go together.”

So Tebow is waiting for, maybe even expecting, that next phone call.

”I’ve said this a few times: I don’t know what the future holds, but I do trust who holds my future,” he said.

No blaming the league, no pointing the finger at a media that hates him just faith in God and patience.

Now I’m not an NFL coach or GM but based on this reaction I certainly can tell which one of these two I would want in my locker room.