What we learned from the Democrat Debate

ISIS is a real threat to the United States so we should get just about every other country to fight them on the ground..

but we shouldn’t fight them on the ground under any circumstance


Edward Snowden should be punished for breaking federal law.


But not Hispanics who might vote democrat

Or pot users who might vote democrat

and certainly not secretary of states who might be nominated By democrats for president


President Obama is a great president who has done a great job

But economy is a mess

and the rich are getting richer

and people don’t have good jobs

and only the rich are being helped

So we democrats have to change things.


All the enemies of America are Americans like the GOP

Saying “All lives Matter” is the same as saying:  “Nigger” .


The single greatest difference between Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama are her breasts.

Questions concerning race are reserved for black reporters

Questions concerning immigration & pot are reserved for Latino reporters

All of those conclusions are of course inferences from what I saw but if you but if you really want to understand the priorities of the Democrat voter based on this debate it can be done in just four sentences.

Lincoln Chafee:  I think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. That’s how I feel.

Anderson Cooper: Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond?

Hillary Clinton: No.

That sums up the Democrats completely and it should be a GOP ad running starting today



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