Random thoughts from Betsy’s Page to RS McCain & More

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a stroll around the web so lets take a peek at what’s going on .

At Betsy’s page she is noting a bit of fiction concerning Jim Webb that’s as true as it gets.

Webb is the type of candidate whom the public says they want. But they don’t really mean it.

She was quoting this piece out of the federalist which shows just how far the Democrats have changed since the days when I was in the party:

there was probably a time when liberal voters would have been impressed by someone who had served his country so valiantly. They might have seen promise in a candidate whose populist sensibilities could speak convincingly to the working class and to Southerners, and whose appeal was propelled by both idealism and realism. Webb might have been formidable Democrat presidential candidate 15 years ago. Twenty-five years ago he might have been a star. Today? He’s a man completely out of touch with the philosophical temperament of his party.

Webb may have fought in a war against collectivist authoritarians, but today he’s debating one


23 years ago I realized that there was no room in the Democrat party for a guy like me, Jim Webb a brave and brilliant man but he still hasn’t figured that out.

One more thing from the debate from Jonah Goldberg and Hillary’s enemies list:

It would have been nice if Anderson Cooper, Jim Webb or one of the pushovers on stage had seized that point and asked, “How can you talk about building consensus when you’ve just boasted that you consider all Republicans your enemy?” Clinton is much more of a Manichean than she usually lets on. That’s one reason she keeps Sid Blumenthal on retainer as a Wormtongue. He says the things about Republican conspirators she wants to hear and believe.  2. Even though it was gaffe, it won’t get treated as one by the media because it doesn’t sound like one to their ears (for all the obvious reasons). But you can be sure that if Ted Cruz had said that the Democrats are the enemy he is most proud of (instead of, say, the “Washington cartel”), the usual suspects on Morning Joe would be horrified. The concern trolling columns by Eugene Robinson and E.J. Dionne virtually write themselves. 

The outrage machine of the left is just that, a machine, it’s only programmed to be outraged in one direction.

At the Lonely Conservative we see the thought police have struck again

The climate change hysterics have claimed another scalp, this time from a top French weatherman who dared to question the “settled science.”

Now Philippe Verdier, a household name for his nightly forecasts on France 2, has been taken off air after a more controversial announcement – criticising the world’s top climate change experts.

Mr Verdier claims in the book Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation) that leading climatologists and political leaders have “taken the world hostage” with misleading data.

Didn’t Mr. Verdier know that he is taking money out of people’s pockets, people bureaucrats care about?

At the Washington Examiner we see the fruits of these bureaucrats labors

A school district in Tennessee is blaming Obamacare for its decision to shut its doors.

In an AP report, Clay County Director of Schools Jerry Strong said the school board made its decision to cancel classes because of budget issues that are related to government mandates that the district can’t afford. He said the Affordable Care Act was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and that “it has made it very difficult for us to have our employees properly covered and meet the mandates of the law.”

Isn’t obamacare wonderful?

At Stacy McCain’s site there is an observation

She describes herself on Tumblr as an “economics student” and “vegan bi sexworker” who is “neurodivergent,” which may or may not be a synonym for crazy. She lists her diagnoses as GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and MDD (major depressive disaorder), although elsewhere she also lists BPD (borderline personality disorder). She is a one-woman DSM, basically — a living catalog of psychiatric symptoms.

and a conclusion

Once you recognize the influence of mental illness in shaping feminist ideology, you find yourself nodding in agreement with Professor Glenn Reynolds: “I’m beginning to think that most lefty movements are just about broken people trying to manipulate the rest of us so they can feel good about their broken selves.”

Indeed, the “broken people” are everywhere now, piling up like debris scattered by a storm or a flood. Decades of societal breakdown — accompanied by a cultural decadence that celebrates divorce, bastardy, prostitution and every imaginable perversion as expressions of “diversity” — have produced a generation of young people who lack the ability to form healthy, normal relationships. The “broken people” demand that society be further re-structured to accommodate their depravity and helplessness.

Welcome to the post Christian society:

The Right Wing Granny links to a Politichicks piece that talks about socialism as described by someone who lived under it:

…The free healthcare you get in socialism is worth precisely what everything else you get “for free” is worth. You had better study medicine yourself or have a doctor in the family – else, in any case, just hope that you never need socialist healthcare. I did have an advantage, as I say, my mother being a physician, but we still had to bring bribes to the office and they could only do so much in terms of the communist market cures and medication…

Nobody hates socialism more that someone who lived under it in a communist state

They have no concept of history or of the values that created America. Our schools and colleges have not taught them what they need to know to become diligent citizens, protecting their nation from the evil that socialism represents. God help us.

Hopefully he will.

Speaking of God’s help I’ll close with Elizabeth “The Anchoress” Scalia’s interview with John Tavis concerning his new book:  Vatican Prophecies: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age.

ALETEIA: The Vatican Diaries gave readers a fascinating and grounded look at the people who move in and around the Vatican, and make it work. In this book, you’re taking readers on a tour through what some call the “oogedy-boogedy” of Catholicism: apparitions, miracles, relics, exorcisms and the like. What made you want to focus on all of that?

JOHN THAVIS: Having covered the Vatican for more than 30 years, I perceived a tension over how to approach the supernatural in its various forms, including miracles, apparitions and private visions. On the one hand church authorities are, of course, open to the possibility that God works in this world and that mystical experiences are real, yet at the same time the Vatican is extremely cautious about publicity surrounding these events and “sign-seeking” among the faithful. I wanted to dig deeper into all this, because – as always at the Vatican – there are many different voices that reflect a variety of theological understandings and practical considerations. Media treatment of these topics is often sensationalist or dismissive, and I wanted to show how the Vatican is really trying to find a balance on questions that involve reason and faith.

Given that our faith is based on a man being immaculately conceived, crucified, and risen from the dead and that we have centuries of eyewitness accounts from saints dating from the 1st century to modern times of miracles and supernatural events I don’t see why so many people in the faith run away from this stuff