Glamour to the Woman of America “If ONLY you were as Good as Jenner”

The daily caller reports that Glamour magazine has picked its woman of the year.

Guess Who:

Caitlyn Jenner and Reese Witherspoon have been tapped to be the 2015 Glamour magazine “Women Of The Year,” a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop. The two women will be featured on covers of the December issue. This year’s “Women Of The Year” marks the 25th anniversary of Glamour bestowing the honor.

Think about what this means,

There are 150 million plus women in the United states and apparently with the exception of Reese Witherspoon all you other woman, you nurses, you nuns, you pols, you doctors, scientists, social workers, teachers, you mothers, CEO’s and head of charities, . Not a single one of you measure up as a woman compared to a man in a wig, taking hormone treatments and strategically groomed for photo shoots.

That Glamour magazine is willing to make that statement is an amazingly disgraceful thing, that they will be celebrated by the media, particularly women in media is even more amazing and disgraceful.

But that there are women in America who will continue to buy this magazine and take them seriously, I’m sorry that’s just stupidity and it’s on you.



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