Tweeting the GOP field My Takeaways

Yesterday I decided to do a twitter search of each GOP candidate, tweet out three positive things from each timeline and then make comment about what I found. Let me stress all of this is subjective.

Ben Carson twitter search demonstrates the power of the MSM. There was a passive aggressive piece hitting Carson on NBC and ever person on the left seems to be retweeting it. These people hate Ben Carson with a passion but dare not say so openly, and are digging for barbs to throw. It’s very hard for a pro-carson tweet to rise because of it. I think it’s a very good sign for him.

The Trump twitter search tells me that the main opponents are within the GOP and the media, The left seems to be hoping beyond hope that Trump wins on the assumption that 1. Every day he’s in he hurts the GOP 2. If he somehow wins Hillary will clean his clock. They’re wrong on both counts.

Ted Cruz’s twitter search was full of so few attacks and so much substance mostly from events covered live that it caught me off guard. This tells me the MSM & the left still don’t see him coming but voters do, that’s going to change and when it does it will change all at once.

A look at Marco Rubio’s feed tells me the left believes he will be the Establishment plan B to Jeb Bush rather than Kasich. It’s a steady stream of Democrat attacks that tells me they are afraid of him. That’s a good sign for Rubio and in one respect a good sign for the tea party in the sense that a guy like Rubio counts as establishment these days. If I ran this campaign i’d be happy.

It took me forever to find three Jeb Bush tweets to put out because the feed was almost entirely populated by people celebrating his campaign falling apart and suggesting he pull out. it really mimics Bush’s performance at the 603 alliance event, nobody there to stand for him.

Mike Huckabee search, had a fair collection of people who hate him because he is a religious figure but also had a fair amount of media quotes, which suggests no matter how much they hate him they don’t see him as enough of a threat to waste their time on him.

I was shocked at the level of pure hatred in the Carly Fiorina search almost a misogynistic level. The irony of course is most of it came from supporters of planned parenthood and Hillary fans who both hate and fear her.

Lots of Elbows at Chris Christie particularly over his opinions on Pot but not enough attention to see. Christe’s search suggests he’s not so much an opponent to the left as a punchline

Given what I’ve seen in the John Kasich feed it’s almost as if with Bush faltering the left is holding it’s fire in the hope they will face him instead although I saw an elbow from PP which never hurts.

Rand Paul’s search is dominated by people teasing him about the state of his campaign and not much else, it’s kind of strange to see it. Next to Biden’s deciding to stay out and Trump’s surge The Paul implosion took me more by surprise than anything else.

Rick Santorum’s feed is dominated by fans and the occasional attack it’s a bad sign if you aren’t considered worth hitting but the anti catholic left still hates him

The Lindsey Graham search was almost devoid of attacks, like the Santorum feed that’s a bad sign because it means nobody thinks you’re worth going after

Bobby Jindal was interesting in the sense that given his place in the polls he was still getting a lot of attacks from the left that apparently really hates him, but the race to follow him as governor likely has something to do with it.

George Pataki search was pretty much empty of anything except a few media appearance as befitting his position in the polls or lack thereof.

Jim Gilmore entire twitter search consists of people either making jim Gilmore jokes about him being invisible or finishing ahead of Bush. I almost forgot to search for him which tells you a lot about Gilmore