Stacy McCain: A Black Woman & a Kettle of Pot

As he is want to do Stacy McCain tends to find some of the funniest stuff on the net posted by various feminists on Tumbler:

Going to the post I expected a rant concerning feminism, instead it is was a post by a black woman about something that happened at school:

i had a good ass conversation with this dude from class. we have the same major, he’s black, seemingly intelligent. i always like to touch base with niggas who i can relate to.
we talking finance and universities and shit. we standing by this car for like the whole conversation & he says his ride isn’t coming. so we posted up on this accord like it’s yours bruh? ok
i value his student ethic and i be giving my lil homegirls rides home when they stuck, so i half ass ask if he wants a home. had to half ass it so he wouldn’t take it as a green light. first mistake.

Google chrome didn’t auto translate the page but the story is basically this:

Girl talks to guy after class, guy seems OK

Girl offers guy ride home when he says he doesn’t have one.

Guy takes this as a signal that it’s not starts spilling BS to try to impress her

Guy has her stop at a medical pot store he drugs up she feels like a fool

Girl eventually leaves thinking, this guy is a loser

At least that the best translation I could come up with.

Now at this point you might be wondering:  “Hey DaTechGuy why this business is of any actual interest?  Why are you wasting our time?”

Well it’s because there is an important revelation in the middle of this that needs a lot more eyeballs.  Here is the paragraph with the line that jumped out at me emphasis mine:

he wanted to stop at the weed shop, he knew one that didn’t card. whatever. he said he was going to take me inside. at first i was on some, “no the fuck u not, me and u not walking in no where”, but curiosity got my ass. everybody in a 10 mile radius has a medical license except me, and you can’t enter a legitimate dispensary without one.

If I’m reading this right This young lady must live in a very unhealthy area with a large amount of glaucoma patients and cancer cases (must be a lot of hotdog and bacon stands) because she seems to be saying that just about everyone in the area happens to have the “medical license” needed to purchase pot for medical use.

Now if you are one of the people who have been pushing medical Marijuana and lobbying for it with story after story of either old people suffering from a horrible disease, or a little kids with glaucoma & their families making a teary eye appeal to voters saying that medical marijuana is all about making life bearable for a lot of helpless innocent sick people, you might find that explanation completely believable.

However it seems to me that the more likely explanation is that this young woman was stating quite bluntly that anybody who is looking to score recreational pot to get high, including the young, is able to get a licence to circumvent federal law to do so.

One might think that my conclusion is rather obvious, particularly when you read her description of the shop and the people there:

walk in. cameras everywhere. weed smells good as fuck. two layer hood nigga gates on the windows and doors. very authentic.

he gets pat down by the lobby security. nigga gone look me up and down and gone smize at me. as if. why u smizing anyway

i walk in. ‘staff’ all look rough. happy. everybody 16-22. i’m trying to grasp my experience and he interrupts me by tapping my shoulder, to tell me, that he, mr flex & floss, needs my $5.

However there is a lot of incentive to ignore this reality

The sellers pretend otherwise because they see easy money.

The state pretends otherwise because they see easy tax revenue

The elected officials pretend otherwise because they the likelihood of  big contributions coming from the lobbyist to protect this business.

The lobbyists  pretend otherwise because they see a big pie with a piece reserved for them.

The bureaucracies pretend otherwise because see  they power to licence dispensaries and distribution as a way to reward friends and punish enemies.

And of course Democrats pretend otherwise because their base is the main customer base for this product and wants it.

Now I’ve said many times that I have a perverse incentive to go along with this, ever single drugged out loser out there increases the value and price to any employer for people like my sons who don’t touch the stuff because everybody is just dying to have some pothead changing their oil, to cook their food & ringing up their groceries and working in their factories.  Pot legal on the state level is  a geek full employment plan at every single level.

But I think it’s a bad thing for society to normalize a product that messes with your brain, that leads the vulnerable to other worse drugs and helps trap people in a permanent underclass.

That’s not only a morally wrong thing, but it’s a stupid thing that while a windfall for some will cost society in terms of pain, treasure and achievement.

That’s the story that’s hiding in that piece and I think a hell of a lot more people need to know and understand it before they jump on the medical pot wagon or decide to push pot as an alternative to opioids.

It’s a horrible idea and creating a legal space for a permanently stoned underclass joined by a bunch of teens who won’t know better protected by law will have costs long after we’re dead and gone and it won’t be people thinking bad feminist poetry is as good as classic rock.

Update: Stacy McCain notes the apparent Glaucoma epidemic in the hood:

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