The GOP/MSM Donald Trump vs Cruz, Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Fiorina etc Double Standard

One of the favorite tactics of the MSM when trying to create conventional wisdom is to play the old “move the goalposts” game.

The basic idea being, if you can’t change reality, change what reality means, thus a defeat becomes a “moral victory” and a victory becomes empty because it is not of the correct size or shape.

Nothing personifies this better than the way the media treats Donald Trump.

From the first day of his campaign the media treated Donald Trump unseriously and he completely punked them and they have spent the last six months making confident pronouncements that have failed to come true.

Now that my guy Ted Cruz is leading in Iowa there is a new meme out there that was flogged on CNN today.

If Donald Trump doesn’t win Iowa, his campaign is finished.

Yes you heard that right, apparently according to the MSM et/al if Donald Trump doesn’t win the Iowa Caucus it proves that all the national polling means nothing and Trump is just a paper tiger signifying nothing.

Now it’s certainly a fair question to ask about the Trump “get out the vote” operation and given that a caucus is more time consuming than a primary it’s certainly possible that the voters who Trump is drawing who don’t normally get involved might be tougher to turn out for a caucus that involves a lot of time vs a primary where you vote and leave as normal.  These are legit questions worth reporting on.

But the “Trump must win Iowa or he’s finished” meme is nonsense and can be demonstrated as such by two  simple questions.  This is the first:

“If Jeb Bush fails to win Iowa is he finished and if not, why not?”

Now for anyone who knows anything about how the primary process works that question is pretty easy to answer but the answer to that question leads to a second one.

“Given that Jeb Bush doesn’t crack the top 3 in any early state while Donald Trump leads in most of them and has more money then Bush, why does a 2nd place finish for Trump in Iowa doom him but a 2nd place or worse finish for Bush or Kasich, or Christie is nothing for them to worry about?”

These questions are so damn obvious and follow the assertion concerning Trump and Iowa so naturally that one would think the MSM & GOP would be ashamed to make them but they assume you are too stupid to think of this.

But the MSM and the GOP have no shame, they just are a group of people running out of cards & memes to play so they are tossing anything they can against the wall in the hope something sticks.

Now as a Ted Cruz guy, I’m hoping Trump doesn’t win Iowa and given the brilliant campaign Ted Cruz is running those odds are looking better and better, but neither I nor Senator Cruz is foolish enough as to think if Ted Cruz wins Iowa Trump is finished.

If your candidate is foolish enough to believe that, then they don’t belong in this race or any other.


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