Winning By Any Means Necessary???

The 2016 Presidential primary season continues to unfold with much drama, intrigue – dare we say subterfuge – and ongoing suspense.

At this present juncture, the Democratic Primary looks as if it may finally be coming to a resolution.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton handily won the South Carolina primary on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

The final results were not even close.

Mrs. Clinton overwhelmed Vermont Independent (Democratic-Socialist) Senator Bernie Sanders by producing a spectacular turnout of African-American Voters.  One clearly recalls in 2008 that a young Senator by the name of Barrack Obama took control of the nominating process by beating then Senator Hillary Clinton in South Carolina and then going on to amass an impressive vote tally of delegates during Super-Tuesday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won an even more impressive total of African-American voters than was produced by Senator Barrack Obama in 2008.

If Mrs. Clinton receives anywhere close to this level of African-American support throughout the rest of the South, then Mr. Sanders’ incipient campaign will limp along for a few more months, but in reality he will be all but finished.

The long-awaited coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton will at long last commence.

Or, will it?

The “Sword of Damocles” still appears to be hanging over the head of the Clinton campaign in the form on the ongoing F.B.I. investigation into her unsecure e-mails while she was Secretary of State.

Where will this all lead?

Who knows?

It would be the ultimate irony is Mrs. Clinton received her party’s nomination, went on to wage war against her Republican Party opponent, only to be indicted months before the November election.

This is the ultimate nightmare scenario if you are a Democrat.

The great Agatha Christie could not have written a better crime drama then what is taking place with the Clinton Presidential campaign.

Stay tuned!

Things are no less interesting on the Republican side of the political house.

The Republican Establishment – whatever this truly means – has gone from amusement over the campaign of Mr. Donald Trump, to believing that he would eventually fizzle out to a near panic mode as “the Donald” continues to win primary after primary with ever-increasing strength.

Meanwhile, a list of Republicans that have quit and suspended their campaigns is breathtaking:

  • Governor Scott Walker – he left early as he was most likely burned out after having to run for Governor three (3) times in a four year period (including one unsuccessful recall)
  • Governor Rick Perry – His second run for the White House was not the charm…
  • Governors Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee never really got traction with the Conservative Catholic-Evangelical vote… One might argue that the two Governors along with former Senator Rick Santorum were viewed by republican party voters as yesterday’s news
  • Finally, Governor Jeb Bush… If there was an establishment favorite, this was the man.  Bush had amassed a war-chest of over 100 million dollars and he had the powerful Bush Dynasty backing his efforts.  Unfortunately, although Governor Jeb Bush is a man of extraordinary gifts and talents, he had two major hurdles that he simply could not overcome.
  • The mood of the American voter in both the Democratic and Republican primaries is one of tremendous A-N-G-E-R!!!!  Jeb Bush is a soft-spoken technocrat
  • Secondly, Governor Jeb Bush both benefited and was handicapped by his last name B-U-S-H.

Americans have an innate distrust of dynasties.

We violently broke away from Great Britain and have maintained the world’s longest running Democracy or (Republican form of Governance) for nearly 240 years.

We should ALL BOW and Thank The Great Almighty GOD who rules over the affairs of men for His Gracious provisions to our marvelous and imperfect country.

Now, I have written the above synopsis in order to get to the heart of what I wish to say and that is barring some incredible political maneuvering that Mr. Donald Trump will most likely be the Republican Party’s nominee for President this year.

I grieve for the nation that I greatly L-O-V-E!

In my lifetime, I shudder to think that our nation has come down to this scandalous path where we are about to nominate two people who have lived most of their adult lives shrouded with much drama, intrigue – dare we say subterfuge – and ongoing suspense.

We have Mrs. Clinton who the late and great journalist William “Bill” Safire once described as a “congenital liar.

Please feel free to look up the essay that Mr. Safire’s wrote on January 8, 1996 in The New York Times.  The title of his piece is called “Essay; Blizzard of Lies

On the other side of the political aisle we are left with Mr. Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump comes across as a bully.

Mr. Trump has NEVER HELD ELECTIVE OFFICE (his supports see this as a badge of honor!!)

The Donald has yet to issue any consistent position paper on anything!!!

Mr. Donald Trump appears to be a political chameleon…

Which Trump do we believe?

Do we adhere to his recent conversion to “Conservative Thought” or do we look at his past track record when he ran for office in 2000 as the titular head of “The Reform Party” when he was pro-choice and anti-traditional Judeo-Christian family?

Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?

I leave you with a series of questions with regards to appraising the candidacies of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump:

  • Does Character no longer matter?
  • Does the ends justify the means?
  • Do we really wish to teach our children that we are to WIN at any Cost?
  • Do we rationalize our voting by backing the ultimate nominee of our favorite political party – Democrat or Republican – because we are more committed to political ideology as opposed to ultimate truth?

A vote for either Mrs. Clinton or for Mr. Donald Trump means that we as an American people have chosen that we will employ “ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO WIN” and that our so-called commitment to our much vaunted JUDEO-CHRISTIAN heritage is simply a facade.

Is this really the way that we wish to live?

Please do not tell me that you must vote for one of the two party’s nominees.

In the discipline of LOGIC, this is known as a “False Dilemma.”  A false dilemma states that a person must make an either or choice when in reality there may be other [painful] alternatives available.

Please feel free to write me with other constructive alternatives…

I am Praying for the Spiritual Revival and Renewal of Our Country!