The Unexpectedly Chronicles: The ACLU makes Matthew Kelly’s Point about the Catholic Faith

Before I started my Perpetual twitter Novena praying for people who attacked the Catholic church online on a daily basis I often found myself in arguments with such people.

During those jousts one of my favorite tools was to quote Matthew Kelly’s speech at the Catholic Men’s conference:

Every single day the Catholic Church feeds more people, houses more people , clothes more people, visits more imprisoned people and educates more people than any other institution on the planet earth can ever hope to.

Matthew Kelly Worcester Mass. March 20th 2010

Those facts about the Catholic Church both in history and today are something our secular friends do their best to ignore and hide from the people but every now and then those who hate the church without meaning to do our work for us

For example, in trying to raise public hackles over the fact that Catholic institutions don’t perform abortions, the ACLU reminded everyone, in a report issued late last week, of something truly impressive: One out of every six patients in the United States is cared for in a Catholic hospital.

To that, I’d like to add some other meaningful facts: There were nearly 20 million emergency-room visits, more than 100 million outpatient visits and more than 5 million admissions last year to these institutions.

They employ almost 800,000 workers. They save more lives, release patients sooner and have better overall patient-satisfaction ratings than non-religious facilities. They demonstrate significantly better results than for-profit and government hospitals on patient safety, length of stay and patient satisfaction.

Oh, and their dedication to the common good leads them to offer services that are distinctly unprofitable.

Cue Michael Kelly again:

When Jesus was alive, where were the sick people? There in hospitals right? Yeah we’re reading the scriptures: Jesus came to the village and said: “Take me to the hospital I want to cure some sick people.” Nope NO there ain’t such thing as a Hospital any thing that’s good about modern healthcare emerged through the church emerged essentially through the religious orders

If the culture of today’s secular liberalism had been there when the church introduced hospitals and education for the masses we would be still living in a feudal age consisting of the very rich and the very poor.

Or basically what the left is trying to remake California as.


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