The #Unexpectedly Chronicles: Milo “non-person” Yiannopoulos

Yesterday Milo Yiannopoulos, one of the most prominent gay activists in the nation  held a press conference in Orlando which was livestreamed and Milo being Milo had several newsworthy quotes which I livetweeted

Given his rather provocative statements and the amount of news everywhere he goes you would think the MSM in their quest for eyeballs would have covered him.

They did not and Stacy McCain explained why:

The news industry seems intent on pretending Milo does not exist.
This is called “no platforming” — effectively marginalizing opposition to progressivism by denying opponents access to audiences. This practice has been used, for example, to prevent Christians from defending their faith against atheists, to prevent pro-lifers from debating abortion advocates, and to marginalize critics of global warming theory. In recent years, radical feminists who oppose the transgender cult have been “no platformed” by the National Union of Students in Great Britain.
On Wednesday, Milo was briefly suspended from Twitter — where he has 300,000 followers — on the same day he gave a news conference at the site of the massacre in Orlando. Milo is a very “out” homosexual, and you might suppose that his appearance at the Pulse nightclub would be considered newsworthy, except for three minor problems:

Milo is pro-Second Amendment.
Milo is pro-Donald Trump;
Milo is warning about the danger of radical Islam.

He is an un-person, from the perspective of the New York Times, CNN and other propaganda organs of the Democrat Party.

Milo, like Pam Geller before him is Fiver from Watership Down warning of the snares in the warren while the MSM and the Democrat left (but I repeat myself) tell him to shut up.

Alas for the left in these days of social media the word will get out without them.

And people wonder why the MSM is dying.