An Ominous 4th

Normally on the 4th of July I simply reprint the Declaration of Independence and leave it at that.

But with the state of the country over the last 8 years and the situation coming up this election year I don’t see the point.

I was once of the opinion that no one president was capable of bringing down America and if he still had the culture shaped by the generation that fought World War Two that would be correct.

But we now have a culture shaped by the sixties generation whose primary goal was to tear down rather than build up, we have a society where the leaders of academia, media and culture are either members of that generation and their acolytes and we have a society where their children have been taught that chalk, flags and opinions different from their own are not only causes for panic but reasons for legal action.

After all do you think for one moment that the WW 2 generation would be so afraid of the opinions of Robert Stacy McCain that they would ban him twice in six months from Twitter?

The old line used to be that “It can’t happen here” but over this weekend as I finally get around to polishing up what will be a short book/pamphlet on the Hail Mary, I’ve been rewatching the great documentary The World at War and have come to the conclusion that not only can it happen here but it’s been happening here, slowly and gradually for the last seven years and the cultural powers approve of this.

It takes a lot to rid me of my sometimes mindless optimism but the Obama years and his enablers have done their level best, but the good news in all of this is while they have proved most capable of ripping the soul out of America, they, like the Devil himself can not take my soul without my consent…

…and I do NOT consent and I hope in the spirit of those who rose up against British Tyranny, the same spirit ironically that the English & Welch have rediscovered in themselves via BREXIT, you refuse to consent too.

So on this 4th of July I conclude this post by praying that God bless America while at the same time being at a complete loss as to why he would bother to do so and invite you to pray for our country as well, while you still have the right to do so.