Wanted: 1 or 2 Writers for DaTechGuy’s Magnificent Seven

One of the best things that has happened to DaTechguyblog has been the addition of my Magnificent Seven Writers. They have brought perspective and knowledge to this site and has, at least in my opinion made a positive difference to our readers. As time has passed several of our writers have moved on to bigger … Continue reading Wanted: 1 or 2 Writers for DaTechGuy’s Magnificent Seven

Watching the Build-Up

by baldilocks Excerpt from The Great Indoctrination, originally posted on June 19, 2008. The Left has been building America up—or down rather—for overt socialism and Marxism for a long, long time. When most educational systems stopped properly educating their charges, stopped familiarizing them with the tenets of socialism, small-l liberalism, capitalism, basic economics and, most … Continue reading Watching the Build-Up

Nice, Turkey and Eternity

Consider too what undesirable deaths occur in wartime. Men are killed in places where the knew they might be killed and to which they go, if they are at all of the Enemy's party, prepared. How much better for us if all humans died in costly nursing homes amid doctors who lie, nurses who lie, … Continue reading Nice, Turkey and Eternity