Three-Dimensional Thinking

by baldilocks At Roger Kimball's blog, Paula Bolyard outlines the reason(s) I will wait until election day to make my presidential election choice. Like many (but by no means all) conservatives, ever since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, I have been scanning the horizon for reasons to support him. I have found a few. … Continue reading Three-Dimensional Thinking

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor: S9 E11 Heaven Sent

Summary: The Doctor Trapped scared and alone. What will he endure to win? Plot: Having been teleported to an unknown location, a Castle with wall that move and reset themselves the Doctor finds himself pursued by a deadly shade that will only pause if he divulges a secret. What is the secret that it is … Continue reading Peter Capaldi as the Doctor: S9 E11 Heaven Sent

The #FeeltheBurn Crowd, gets burned

I can't imagine how Bernie Sanders voters feel today. If you were a Bernie bro the home stretch of this season had promise.  Your man was still fighting even after Donald Trump had clinched and unlike Trump, Hillary had not managed to secure enough bound delegates to win the nomination meaning that the superdelegate who by the rules … Continue reading The #FeeltheBurn Crowd, gets burned