Trump vs Clinton/Obama Words vs Deeds

Rather than a long essay lets cut to the chase on the difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama act 3.

Our friends in the press and in culture say we should judge Donald Trump unacceptable by his words. They don’t like what he’s said about the border, about Rosie O’Donnell, about Kahn, about Islamic Terror etc etc etc. By these words in their eyes Donald Trump is unacceptable as president of the united states

These same people however do not want us to Judge Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama by their deeds. From paying ransoms that finance terror to Iran for hostages (It’s not really ransom), for exposing classified data to the russians and lying directly about it repeatedly, Hillary Clinton actually left people to die in Benghazi, actually blamed a video for it, actually imprisoned the person who made said video.

Clinton’s actual policies turned victory in Iraq into defeat, Syria into a mess, created ISIS, destabilized Libya, enabled Russia in the Ukraine and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

And that’s not even going into using the Clinton foundation for payola or protecting Bill Clinton from the consequences of his actions when it comes to sexually abusing women.

And of course there are the policies that have set race relations back decades and have led to the targeted murder of police.

And the kicker, none of this has been done in secret, it’s been done in our full view and we’ve seen the consequences of these actions.

But the media tells us we have to vote for an incompetent corrupt failure like Hillary because Donald Trump is a loud mouth who goes off the reservation sometimes.


If we do this to ourselves and put this corrupt incompetent woman in charge we will deserve all the hell that comes from it and like actual Hell the worst part of it will be the knowledge that we choose to put ourselves there.

Update: Great Minds and all that

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That’s about it.