Red State’s Shining Moment

Normally I would have gone in sequence with a post on day 2 of the Amplify Choice event but something happened at Red State Yesterday that deserves some attention.

Red State has had some interesting speakers and interesting topics, right now as I’m typing there is a great panel on Corporate welfare that really hit the spot on the issue.

But in terms of national and media interest the story they want to talk about is Donald Trump.

We have seen expressions of both support and opposition to Donald Trump by speakers here and from the people I’ve interviewed here have varied their opinion on the subject but yesterday the gathering took an interesting turn.

Due to health issues Governor Greg Abbott of Texas who was scheduled to speak just before lunch 11:30 Am till Noon Denver time was unable to come. Leon Wolf of RedState took the stage and made that announcement to the disappointment of the audience.

But to the surprise of everyone, rather than breaking for lunch early or putting together an impromptu panel, he decided to open up the floor to any attendee to give them feedback on what has happened so far or any subject they wished.

Given the current media line on the GOP vs Trump this in effect invited people to address the elephant in the room and immediately he was asked about reconciling the need to stop Hillary with his unwillingness to support Trump.

Leon didn’t dodge, he explained that in his opinion while Trump had a higher ceiling than clinton in terms of being a quality president, he believes Trump has a lower floor, that being said he said that he respect people (like myself) who decided in the end to go with Donald Trump and urge others to do so.

He noted that there were a lot of people on both sides of this issue here complementing both those in their “Make America Great Again” stuff and those opposed, he also expressed his appreciation that everyone has been polite and respectful to everyone else here.

In the end he suggested to the audience to give your vote to someone who has earned it.

There were were a few more question both along those lines and others but for my money that moment was special, not because of what he said, if you read this blog you know I disagree with him on the question of Trump, but because the folks at Red State were daring enough brave enough and respectful enough to their audience who had paid money to come here, to put themselves out there not knowing how it was going to turn out.

As I’m finishing this post Carly Fiorina is on stage giving a killer speech with lines such as “We are living in a season of House of Cards.” (referring to the Clinton scandals) “It is not feminism to trade on your husbands name and fame… it is opportunism not feminism” on Hillary Clinton riding on Bill’s coattails and protecting him from the consequences of his actions and “Mrs. Clinton I’m a #feminist & I’m not voting for you” on Clinton’s statements that feminists are for her and “Power concentrated is power abused” on what the Constitution and the founders vision of it is all about. It’s been a great speech and continues to be so

But for my money, that speech pales before the moment when the guys at Redstate showing their integrity faced their audience during a polarizing time when they didn’t have to.

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