Denver Day Four Part 2: Redstate day 1 Larry O’Connor Dave Weigel and many many more

The bus from the Springhill suites hotel took us to the Grand Hyatt where Redstate was taking place on the 2nd floor:

Red state
Red state

I arrived in time to catch the tail end of Amb John Bolton’s presentation

Amb John Bolton at Redstate
Amb John Bolton at Redstate

Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli at Redstate
Ken Cuccinelli at Redstate

and colorado GOP Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn who impressed everyone who heard him

Darryl Glenn
Darryl Glenn

But since the full speeches of them all are available in better quality online I went straight to what I do, interviews

I started with Dave who I hadn’t seen in years.

And Diana

I also talked to Amanda of the Future female leaders who provided Ice Cream

and local write in candidate for state senate in district 21 Kara Palfy

Dave Weigel of the Washington Post was there

My primary camera died during the interview so I continued it with my emergency backup camera and spliced the two of them together.

There was a table for Bill and while Bill wasn’t there Carla was

and as promised Larry O’Connor

I love that he brought up the Breitbart table interview, it’s one of the highlights of what I do

Matthew Bellis of Liberty Healthshare also gave me a few minutes

I was invited to a reception that night put on by Liberty Healthsare and Valery who had been doing other things the last two days decided to join me.

As she arrived I managed two more interviews one with Casper Stockham candidate for Congress CO-1

and radio talk show host Steve Kelly who was broadcasting live during the presentation

But for all of the pleasures of seeing interesting events and learning new things, and the joys of meeting new people and seeing old friends the highlight of both Redstate and Amplify choice was the same, the chance to introduce these friends I’ve met from blogging to my wife Valery and vice versa.

Nothing tops that.

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