Trump in Bedford NH The words and the interviews

Of the swing states in the Nation, NH is one of the smallest. It’s a state where if you draw 500 people to an event you are getting a real crowd and The NH sports plex in Bedford NH as befitting a venue in this state is small compared to many of the locations around the nation that Donald Trump has filled with Tens of thousands of supporters.

But while the venue was small at least by Donald Trump standards the crowd that I counted at over a thousand people packed themselves into the complex and continued to pour in from the moment I got to the press table and entered the media area and even after Mr. Trump started speaking (in fact he commented on this during his opening).

Normally for such an event I would arrive several hours early and camp out for the best spot but the necessity to sleep after a shift ending at 7 AM (I managed to get out at 6:15 to catch an early mass) meant that I arrived at the venue less than an hour before things began. The layout of the venue meant access was by effective a long winding driveway which added up to frustration for the lefty protesters who our democrat friends always deploy for such events.

As soon as I parked my car I started asking attendees for interviews, the first person I talked to was Elaine.

followed by Joseph

I spoke to Joseph near the swag tables, there were several vendors selling assorted hats and shirts

From there I came to the press entrance. Unlike the primary days Mr. Trump now had secret service protection and I and my bag needed screening to proceed. I spotted Rick Santorum’s old campaign manager working the event. He said hello and we chatted agreeing with regret that the GOP had backed Rick had been the 2012 he’s be running for re-election this year. At the press table I was delayed because no matter when I send in the request I never seem to be on the list, but was eventually recognized and approved and went through (and some people still wonder why I wear a 12 ft Dr. Who scarf to all these events)

As per usual several local pols came up to lionize the candidate and warm up the crowd before the stat, the most effective of these was former Senator Bob Smith who spoke of Nixon being forced from office (and rightly so in his words) for his actions and compared Hillary Clinton group of 5th amendment aides to this. He also directly spoke to some of the conservatives, some of them his friends, who have said they can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump warning them “Don’t come complaining to me when Hillary’s Supreme Court comes for your Gun rights.”.

It was at this moment that my computer choose to run out of power and I found myself needing to find an alternative location to plug in. I did a quick walk around of the area and after finding a plug in the snack bar was about to grab my laptop to go there when I was informed that the press could not leave their area at the moment (indicated that Mr. Trump had just arrived) That’s when I interviewed Scott

General Mike Flynn came on to introduce Donald Trump and drew a round of applause for police, something that Hillary Clinton doesn’t dare to.

Donald Trump then entered the stage and the crowd that was still coming in went wild.

Trump talked all about Jobs Jobs Jobs From now on it’s going to be ‘America First'” He talked about Hillary Rally in NH drawing only about 100 people as the people kept coming in. He talked about how Hillary is outspending him 50-1 yet he’s tied or leading. He talked of both African Americans and Latinos being given lip service by Democrats in election years and concluded by talking American Cars, Planes, Ships and steel.

Once outside I approached people for interview but my press badge didn’t help as I was held in suspicion by most. The first person who talked to me was William

He wasn’t all that impressed but he was a distinct minority,

I then saw a long line of people waiting, I presumed that it was held up due to the motorcade but apparently due to limited parking they had a bus shuttle running. I talked to Miko:

and Melony

a Lady from Manchester

and a group from the Fitchburg/Leominster/Townsend area

And Bob

and Claire

and Rebecca with her sons (only one that came on camera)

Thomas who got a day off from classes to go

and Stanley a vet

and finally Dr. Truth who had a new book out for us.

The general consensus was that they like what they heard but wanted Trump to be more aggressive in the next debate. The real question is will he be and is it smart for him to be?

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