House Democrats Standing Behind and Applauding Bill Clinton after Impeachment Dec 19, 1998

For those of you who are upset at my re-endorsement of Donald Trump after his crude remarks from 2005 I think it’s time to remind such folks and those in the MSM who are sounding high and mighty of a bit of history.

On Dec 19th 1998 right after impeachment a bunch of Democrat members of congress lined up behind behind Bill Clinton at the White House to stand behind him and support him after impeachment. Here is the video of the event.

You might recognize several current members of congress both house and senate who are now beating their breasts over Donald Trump’s words today who had absolutely no problem putting themselves out there for Bill Clinton less than two decades ago.

I challenge the MSM to ask any of those Democrats hitting Donald Trump today this question: Why do Donald Trumps words disqualify him from office but Bill Clinton’s actions not only did not, but produced this public display of support from Democrats in congress.”

The odds of them doing so are in my opinion less than your chances of winning the lottery

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