How Trump should deal with his Tape: Roy Bean the Clintons & Alinsky their Surrogates

roy-beanJudge Roy Bean:  I understand you have taken exception to my calling you whores. I’m sorry. I apologize. I ask you to note that I did not call you callous-ass strumpets, fornicatresses, or low-born gutter sluts. But I did say “whores.” No escaping that. And for that slip of the tongue, I apologize.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

Saul Alinsky

Patton: Hell, I know I’m a prima donna — I admit it. What I can’t stand about Monty is he won’t admit it.

Patton 1970

Yesterday while so many in the GOP are cutting and running I re endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States.

But while I’m sure at the moment the Trump campaign appreciates even the smallest bit of support at this time, the more important question given the debate is:  How do you handle this when the media will want to talk about nothing else?

The first clue to the answer of this question came  from Jazz Shaw at HotAir both in terms of the tape itself

Where did the tape come from? There are already long, scholarly pieces being written on the subject. The phrases I’ve heard repeated most often this morning on both CNN and MSNBC are variations of, a tape stored on a dusty old shelf at NBC. Give me a break. This is part of an oppo file which has been out there since last year and held in reserve until the timing was right to inflict maximum damage and distract from any other bad news about Clinton. And given the decades that Donald Trump spent in the limelight giving interviews such as this one, going on the Howard Stern show and dealing with everyone from Hollywood, New York and Washington glitterati circles there are probably enough such pieces to drop one every three days from now through the election. You can expect to see plenty more.

And in terms of its timing

Going back to the whole convenient timing thing, we should also note that a new batch of Wikileaks documents dropped last night which contain all sorts of goodies about Hillary Clinton, including outtakes from some of her paid speeches to Wall Street. (We’ll have more on that later today.) Is anyone leading their cable news broadcasts with it this morning? Nope. There’s barely a peep. You can write all that off to coincidence if you like, but this sort of “accident” is a rare beast in American politics. All we can really say to the Clinton team at this point is… well played.

The second clue comes in two parts, part one from a piece I wrote a bit ago about Bill Clinton appearing on Morning Joe the day that Herman Cain (remember him) was dealing with accusations of sexual harassment:

Today there is a big press conference with Herman Cain addressing the now specific accusations against him. By an odd coincidence MSNBC’s Morning Joe had President Bill Clinton Scheduled for the 8:15 tine slot.

They had him on for 30 minutes and they talked economy, trade etc, yet not a person on that set asked him a question about the issue leading the news today, how he would suggest Cain deal with it and what lessons he learned from it.

That really says it all, Morning Joe and MSNBC have Bill Clinton, the single most famous political sexual harasser, a man who is still 15 years later the butt of jokes on the subject.

And part two from January of this year when everyone in the MSM was saying talking about Bill Clinton’s misdeeds was “Beyond the pale”

This reaction is of course completely understandable because if one does not have this reaction it begs the question that nobody in the MSM wants to ask or be asked:

If what Bill Clinton did to women was “disgraceful” and “unacceptable” then why did the media elites and Democrat pols not only defend him at the time but spend that last 15 years treating the ex president as if he had never done a wrong thing?

I submit and suggest that people from Podesta, to Andrea Mitchell to Harold Ford and many others all know the answer to that question, which is why they can’t bear to have it asked.

The third clue comes from item 10 in Scott Adams response to Erick Erickson’s snarky tweet concerning Trump:

10. Most male Hollywood actors support Clinton. Those acting skills will come in handy because starting today they have to play the roles of people who do not talk and act exactly like Trump in private.

And the fourth from the same piece item 13:

13. My prediction of a 98% chance of Trump winning stays the same. Clinton just took the fight to Trump’s home field. None of this was a case of clever strategy or persuasion on Trump’s part. But if the new battleground is spousal fidelity, you have to like Trump’s chances.

The fifth clue comes from last night’s post of Democrats lining up behind Bill Clinton after he was impeached on Dec 18, 1998.
And the final clue come from the movie quote that leads this post.

The Clinton’s are expecting some kind of direct attack from this move, I think Mr. Trump would be better off being subtle.

The first step is to, if she or any of the others are willing, make sure that Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and especially Juanita Broaddrick are at the debate.

The 2nd is to be ready when the question of his remarks come up and deliver the following two answers.

When (not if) asked to again apologize for these remarks, either by the moderator or by Secretary Clinton, he needs to give the following answer:

“I am happy to apologize here before the American people and to America’s women for my intemperate private remarks on that tape and in that same spirit I invite Mrs. Clinton here and now before the American people to apologize to them, to america’s women and to the woman concerned, some of whom are in the audience tonight,  for her and her surrogates intemperate private and public actions to defame these women for political gain.”

The rehearsed outrage response from the Clinton camp and the media should bring a response from Donald Trump reminding them that in her own speeches Mrs. Clinton has stated that woman who claim sexual harassment should be believed, if she and the media no longer believe this then perhaps you should say so now to the American people who are watching.

When the media presses on this issue, asking Trump and his surrogates if his words were appropriate he and or his surrogates answer should be in the mold of Judge Roy Bean’s quote above:

I understand that many have taken exception to my/Donald Trump’s private remarks on that tape a decade ago.  I ask you to note that I/he did not leave Americans calling for help to die in Libya, Nor did I/he enable the rise of ISIS.  Nor did I/he lie to the American people about a private server an leave national security secrets open to be hacked by my enemies, nor did I/he help enable those who have come to this country illegally and have killed innocent americans like Katie Steinle .  But I/he did speak vulgar remarks privately concerning women on that tape No escaping that. And for that, I/he apologize/apologized.

and when the media attempts to call this a dodge the stock response should be this.

I understand that the Clinton team and their media allies believe the words of Donald Trump are more relevant than the Actions of Hillary and Bill Clinton when deciding on who to choose for president, I think I trust the American people to decide if a poor choice of words are going to make them less safe at home and abroad and less financially secure than a slew of bad actions and decisions.

Or as Juanita Broaddrick put it:

Furthermore Trump’s team should immediately target Hillary surrogates, particularly those in media, politics and entertainment and ask them if they have ever used such language in private.

Make every single one of them make that denial in public on camera or make them give their “no comment”.  Make sure they function under the standard that they are holding Trump  and them in this age of camera phones and instant recording wonder if any Trump like recordings exist before and after they give that answer.

Finally I would identify each Democrat in this video, many of who are still in office

and have them answer this question: Do you regret lining up behind Bill Clinton after impeachment and would you like to apologize to the american people for doing so?

If I was on Trump’s team, that is how I would suggest he deal with this problem.

Of course Don Surber has a simpler more concise soundbite read answer :


“I certainly regret that remark but you must remember I was a Democrat back then & a friend of Bill Clinton”  That’s the type of sound bite that gets a lot of airtime and fits in a tweet.

Now some of you might say:  But DaTechGuy, we shouldn’t have to even be dealing with this type of thing, let alone defending it.

I quite agree and if GOP voters had followed my advice and chosen Ted Cruz during the primaries or even my 2nd 3rd or 4th choices Rick Santorum, Scott Walker or Bobby Jindal we would not have to. Furthermore if the Democrats had nominated a person of character and honor who was not hostile to people of faith, unborn children or the defense of this county I would not have to do so.

But the GOP voters did not choose Cruz, Walker, Jindal or Santorum, and the Democrat party that produced candidates of character who were not hostile to faithful Christians, unborn children or national defense has not existed since the days of my youth.

So instead I’m faced with a binary choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and right now Mr. Donald Trump is the only thing standing between us and the economic, social and military disaster for the nation in general and conservatives in particular that a Hillary Clinton administration will bring and it’s our duty as responsible citizens do all we can to avert that Clinton disaster for the sake of ourselves and our children.

You have to deal with reality as it is, not as you would like it to be.

And to those who missed my update to yesterday’s post, let me repeat verbatim why trying to get Trump to pull out or distancing oneself from Donald trump is a recipe for disaster.

  1. No matter how much you dislike what Trump said on that tape, he won the primaries.  He was legally and legitimately chosen as the nominee of the GOP.  Unless he drops dead or has a stroke or something it would be an illegitimate act to replace him on the ticket, particularly with someone, however qualified, who did not draw a single vote in the primaries.
  2. No matter how much you dislike the Trump voters, if you are a GOP incumbent or candidate in any state or country but the most red, you will need their votes to win an election.  Going after Trump is not going to win you any liberal leaning voters and is going to cost you conservative ones, you would be much better off saying something like this

    “I am happy to accept Donald Trump’s apology to America’s women for his intemperate private remarks on that tape and in that same spirit I invite [insert opponent’s name here] to demand that Secretary Clinton apologize to American people, to america’s women to the woman abused by her Husband and defamed by the Clintons and their surrogates for political gain.”

  3. Finally do you really think the Democrats are going to allow Trump to be replaced on the ballot at this stage?  There will be lawsuits in 50 states challenging any attempt to pull him and the Bob Torricelli precedent notwithstanding you aren’t going to see a judiciary upholding such a move.

Things are what they are and we have to deal with them as such, the best move is to accept Trump’s apology and move on.

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