Reading Remains Fundamental

Talking about the nature of God is always good by baldilocks The Shack, a novel by William P. Young, is being made into a movie and it isn’t surprising that many Christians are up in arms about it. I read the book a few years back and found it fascinating, but I missed out on … Continue reading Reading Remains Fundamental

Maybe now we’ll see some F-35 reform

The F-35 upon takeoff...those are 100 dollar bills Trump recently came out against the high cost of the F-35 (as well as the replacement for his soon-to-be Presidential jet).  Critics were quick to dismiss his complaints, saying that ship has sailed already.  While Trump can't fix the years of program mismanagement, he can certainly set … Continue reading Maybe now we’ll see some F-35 reform

One Decade a Day for “Stacy McCain’s Women”

“Almost all the great saints were great sinners or, like Saint Therese, knew that it was by sheer grace that they were not,” Pope Francis In his spectacular piece at Medium titled The Lesbian and Her Trophy Wife Stacy McCain talks about the Hustle and the grift that professional lesbianism and feminism have become. Circa … Continue reading One Decade a Day for “Stacy McCain’s Women”