Understanding Liberals Principles in three Sentences

Judge: "Mr. Larch you are accused of invoking your Catholic faith in refusing to bake a cake for this gay couple's wedding and instead referring them to a rival bakery. As a broad open minded liberal judge I must ask this question, aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Mr. Larch: "Your honor I think one of … Continue reading Understanding Liberals Principles in three Sentences

Civics is in style

Evan McMullin's independent never-Trump-never-Hillary presidential campaign earned him 700,000 votes along with footnote status in future accounts of the 2016 presidential election. One bewildered supporter tweeted to him afterward, basically asking "what now?" McMullin responded on December 4 with a series of tweets that add up to two things: he's still not a Trump fan, … Continue reading Civics is in style

Stop blaming 2016

Anyone on social media has seen thousands of posts blaming 2016 for all and sundry events: Weather, election results, break-ups with girlfriends/boyfriends, and of course, celebrity deaths. It's come to the point that stating that 2016 Is Not Killing People is an unpopular opinion, no matter than the writer correctly notes that addictions cut lifespans. … Continue reading Stop blaming 2016

MBA Can Help Internet Marketers

An old lecturer of mine once said that marketing is a combination of art and science. As I delve into the world of internet marketing further, I find what he said to be true. Marketing involves a lot of creativity, but it is also a scientific process. Both creative thinking and data-driven decision making abilities … Continue reading MBA Can Help Internet Marketers

10 Quick Thoughts Under my Fedora for the 4th Day of Christmas

Given the last two months It's easy to forget that: 1. Donald Trump is: still not president yet 2. We still don't know if he will be a good, bad or average president. However If the election of Donald Trump does nothing else, it has completely unmasked the left as the group of self centered, … Continue reading 10 Quick Thoughts Under my Fedora for the 4th Day of Christmas