Best Grassroots blog Take a Bow You Magnificent Writers You (And if you’re in MT, MD, MN, MO & MI We want YOU)

It always brings a smile when you see this award:

2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

And the description:

DTG continues to evolve its group-blogging platform and Alexa indicates its popularity has trended up significantly over the last several months.

It’s a great honor to be listed among many fantastic blogs and I’d like to thank Doug Ross for choosing us and Bad Blue for including us.

The Credit of course goes to John Ruberry, Pat Austin, Christopher Harper, Baldilocks, Fausta, JD Rucker, RH/NG36B who write here weekly and Ellen Kolb, Jon Fournier and Tech Knight who write here monthly (and also fill in when needed). I’m proud to have you here and this award belongs to all of us.

The thing about winning such an award is that if you want to repeat you need to continue to improve so….

I’m looking for five more conservative bloggers, one each in five “M” states. Missouri, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan and Maryland to bring on twice a month here at DaTechGuy blog.

Missouri and Montana because we aren’t represented in the center of the country nor in the Northwest.

Michigan and Minnesota because they will be battleground states over the next four years and what happens there will help determine what will happen in 2016

and Maryland because we want to see how things are handled in a deep blue state outside of DC

As always if we take you on you’ll be allowed to write about what you want (subject to my no pro-jihad, no pro-abortion, no anti-catholic rule) but what I’m looking for is some state perspectives, what is happening in your state, how people are reacting to national news there et/al.

And I’m still looking for a regular cartoonist from anywhere.

Admittedly the pay is low with occasional extras if you draw big traffic on a post, but if we take you then you can honestly say that you’re a paid writer for an award winning blog and perhaps next year if we can repeat I will be thanking you as well.

So if you have an interest fill out this contact form below and we’ll talk

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