Musings on Evil, Part One

by baldilocks Two recent public atrocities have been on the minds of many observers this week: the Chicago torture of a disabled man--which the perpetrators streamed on Facebook--and the latest jihad shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport during which five people were murdered. And tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the Christian-Newsom rape-torture-murder. My purpose here … Continue reading Musings on Evil, Part One

Work vs. Purpose

My wife is frustrated. Over Christmas break, I watched her constantly working. Despite the holidays, she would get up at 5:30 in the morning and was working constantly until 8 pm. At that point, she collapsed onto the couch next to me, maybe making it through an episode of "The Man in the High Castle," … Continue reading Work vs. Purpose

Obama’s Flexibility on Russia ends

Prime Minister Jim Hacker:  I could tell that you were warning me that St, Georges Island might need our support. Luke:  Oh yes... Well no actually, [in panic] only in one paragraph on page 107 [of 138]. Prime Minister Jim Hacker:  It was enough, I could take the hint. Yes Prime Minister:  A victory for Democracy … Continue reading Obama’s Flexibility on Russia ends