Asking my Obama Question one last time

This post will be going up at 11 pm EST on January 19th with 13 hours left to the Obama years and it’s worth repeating a question I’ve found myself asking several times over the last few years:

If on January 20th 2009 an enemy able to install a leader in the United States with the goals of

  1. Reversing our Victory in Iraq
  2. Enabling the Rise of an Islamic Jihadist state
  3. Weakening our social institutions, particularly our churches
  4. Discouraging and hampering small businesses
  5. Dividing our nation and increasing racial tensions
  6. Weakening our military
  7. Alienating our allies
  8. Destabilizing the Middle East
  9. Enabling our enemies
  10. Damaging our healthcare system
  11. Weakening our economy
  12. Using the Federal Government to persecute political foes
  13. Weakening the Rule of law

How would such a person have been different than the last 8 years of Barack Obama?