Doctor No Borders

by baldilocks We political junkies on the right have long been aware of George Soros. His persona is similar to that of a James Bond-style villain. (Or perhaps Bond villain personas are similar to his.) After reading over the years about his active roles in world finances and political upheavals, particularly in Western countries, I … Continue reading Doctor No Borders

I Am Ashamed!

As a longtime reporter and journalism educator, I am ashamed of my profession as a result of the bias of the media toward the new immigration policies. From the coverage, you couldn't believe that 57 percent of those polled agree with the temporary ban on immigrants from seven countries, according to Rasmussen Reports. Only 33 … Continue reading I Am Ashamed!

SEO Audit and Assessment methods

Before a business can even think about getting high ranked online, they need to make sure that they have the correct marketing and search engine optimization approach to fit their goals. And these goals always depend on what the client wants and what stage a business is. That’s exactly why before any action can be … Continue reading SEO Audit and Assessment methods

Today’s Left: Protesting Your Protest of their Next Protest

via newsiosity Judson: I'm agan it! Mack: Agan What? You didn't hear what Daniel said? Judson: If Daniel said it I'm agan it! Daniel Boone Ken-Tuck-E 1964 Well Donald Trump has, counting Jan 20th, as of today been president for a whole 12 days. During that 12 days he's named most of his cabinet, made … Continue reading Today’s Left: Protesting Your Protest of their Next Protest