CPAC 2017 First Interviews Teresa an Attendee and Rob Eno of Conservative Review

National Harbor 12:18 PM

Well much to my surprise I ended up sleeping on a bed rather than the floor tonight as Stacy & Friend didn’t make it yesterday and Cynthia didn’t show up until 1:30 AM due to a flight delay.

So this morning having woken up having shared a room  alone with a woman other than my wife for the first time in my life I very quietly got up cleaned up and headed down for registration, it turns out that it doesn’t begin until 2 so I did some poking around.

Both the main and exhibit rooms are coming along nicely (the exhibit room has a huge wooden crate labeled NRA that I half expect a half or third scale Sherman Take to crash out of which is worth a laugh.

A small Tank inside?

It was still early to find people here for CPAC as the place is still full of folks who have come for NIRSA but I managed to run into Teresa who came up from Florida

She seemed very excited at the prospect of seeing the president.

As I walked through Radio Row I saw old friend Rob Eno now working for Conservative review who gave me a few minutes.

I’m currently sitting in the lobby of the Gaylord in National harbor cannoli & Microphone at my side.  If you come in and see me feel free to come over and put in your two cents, come and be interviewed (as Liz just did) and perhaps have a Cannoli while they last.

Update: Accidently put an “H” in teresa’s name in the title, fixed

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