Voices of CPAC 2017 Paul, Fawad and the point the left is missing (with Stacy McCain)

Today I’m highlighting two College republicans who talked to me on DaTechGuy’s Midnight Court Paul and Fawad.

Their story would be of interest to the media for several reasons.

1. They are young republicans from NY a blue state
2. They are college republicans in an environment where that is iffy
3. They are both active enough to run for office in the college republicans showing they have guts
4. They are both from racial and/or religious minorities which means they get even more grief for it

That made them interesting data points for the info I was trying to gather at CPAC, Here is Paul

Here is the audio from the mic if you are having trouble hearing with the video

The Key quote which I suspect will seem familiar. His answer to the question on how hard it is to be a black college republican:

Oh man It’s, it’s crazy I’ve been called all the names that it’s, honesty I’ve been called stuff that’s aren’t safe to be put on your what’s it it, fcc airways. It’s not good, it’s just, it’s all about perseverance.

After I finished with Paul’s interview Stacy McCain returned from the Public House and joined me, after a brief into we brought in Fawad who held the camera while I was talking to Paul.

If Paul made liberal heads explode Fawad must frustrate them even more in addition to all of the points already listed above had two characteristics that set him apart from the other college republicans I interviewed.

1. He voted for Donald Trump
2. He is a Muslim

The irony that of the four college republicans I interviewed in sequence the only one who voted for Donald Trump was a young Muslim man likey casting his first ever vote for president.

(Pause to allow you to clean up the mess from liberal heads exploding)

and the audio

What really struck me was his answer to my question concerning what he wanted to see President Trump accomplish (stopping illegal immigration). His critique of illegal immigration citing his own family who had to do things the legal way coming from Bangladesh was really on point.


“It really is a shame like a lot of my relatives took 8,9,10 years to come here so for people to come here illegally, to you know just cross over a 5 foot broken fence is disgusting.”


It highlights something the left and media seem to miss. The left continues to push the idea that the GOP in general and Donald Trump in particular are anti-immigrant, but to the millions of people who came here legally and spent years doing so, this entire meme is an insult. To expect such people to cheer illegal immigration would be like expecting someone who saved for years to go to an event to watch someone jump a fence, sits down next to them and them expect them to buy them popcorn.

The left might someday catch on to this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

Update: Included Paul’s quote

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