I Guess My Book is Officially Out

Guess what I found when I arrived where I was staying in Chicago last night.

I know intellectually the book has been done for a while, I know you’ve been able to buy it via the Amazonlink on the right (or left depending on how your system loads and I know that If you’re a book store owner you’ve been able to contact Imholt Press for bulk orders right along.

But it’s different when you hold a copy of a book in your hand with your name as the author.

That’s pretty cool.

Of course selling a a Million and not having to work again for another 20 years, that would be even cooler.

Feel free to help me along there by clicking on the image below.

Incidentally a portion of every sale will be going to help support WQPH 89.3 FM the Catholic Radio station where my new show on prayer will be premiering at the end of the month.

Update:  Does posting this image count against me in terms of the sin of Pride

I don’t know if this makes me more catholic than the pope but in fairness to the Holy Father, my book is a lot less expensive.

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And as I’ve said before if you can’t spare the cash we will be happy to accept your prayers.