Caterwauling Over Catcalling Criticism

"Hey baby, you got fries with that shake?" - some dopey guy to some random female walking past Everylady and her mother has likely been the subject of catcalls at some point in her life. Some people can shrug it off, some can't - some write articles complaining about it and some write articles complaining … Continue reading Caterwauling Over Catcalling Criticism

Damned if you do . . .

It is resplendently clear that the POTUS will be criticized for whatever they do, but anything Pres. Trump does is chum for the critics' shark pool. George W. Bush flew over the Katrina disaster zone, Obama stayed at Martha's Vineyard while Louisiana flooded. Both got their critics and their supporters. **RANT ALERT** WHAT FOLLOWS IS … Continue reading Damned if you do . . .

A Simple Proof of the Insanity of Global Warming Hysteria

There are many reasons why one should not fall for the insanity of climate change panic, the unwillingness of those who claim it's a crisis to act like it's a crisis, the massive amounts of money spent to massage a particular answer and the simple question of who has benefited from the vast amounts of … Continue reading A Simple Proof of the Insanity of Global Warming Hysteria

Of Woody Woodpecker and Natural Disasters

There is a normal tendency, when faced with an event as vast and overwhelming as Hurricane Harvey, to, while not denying the disaster's scope, pare it down to incidents and individuals more easily managed. The person helping a person; the rescuer with a beloved pet under each arm, wading through flood waters as he or … Continue reading Of Woody Woodpecker and Natural Disasters